Road just got easier?

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    Re: Road just got easier?

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    I'm picking up a theme here, the general concensus is that the Pats will be playing the AFCCG in Denver. Doesn't anyone think Denver can be beaten before that? I personally think NE can win out, but Ialso think Denver will get beat before the AFCCG. It may be wishful thinking, but not out of the question, either! Just an observation!!!KMc.

    I think the Texans could beat them but that can't happen because the Texans would have to play the Patriots if they win. Manning seems to have owned the Ravens through the years so I don't see that as a good match up and the Colts are a good story but i do not think they will be able to beat a Brady or a Manning on the road. 

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    Re: Road just got easier?

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    We play Cinci-Indy-Ravens at home then the SHOWDOWN with Denver to get to the Dance--Pats will not Lose the 1st game against any of the others - it comes down to TOM and PEYTON--PERIOD!!!!

    with that crap division and soft schedule haven't pats got enough breaks already??

    Really Jints....take a look at this photo and tell me that the Gi Ain'ts did not receive two breaks in one play. 

    Looks like a hold and a push in the back to me? And pretty blatant!  Sore loser NY fan?