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    I have little doubt Julio will be a pro-bowl caliber player, my point is that very good WRs can be found in every single draft, and while the Pats could obviously use talent like his, it seems like the overwhelming need to OL depth and DL talent would trump a reach for a top Wr prospect.  Even if the pats were to move up, i'd imagine there are other players they have higher on their draft board, "need" aside.  I wouldn't be upset at all with the Julio pick, but it just seems there are better ways to improve the team. my 2c

    edit: sorry for hijacking this thread with the WR talk, it's just fun/tempting for us fans to put on our best scouting hats and play GM
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    In Response to Re: ROBERT QUINN!!!:
    Im sure Willie Mac didnt have any tape of him dropping into coverage in college either but he figured it out at some point. Most guys you convert to OLB are not gonna be 100% at everything right away, its a transition and you know that when you draft them. Cunningham is not great at dropping back but the coaches think he will be which is why they had faith in him and drafted him. So Kerrigan or Quinn or any of them might not have any tape of them in coverage but that doesnt mean they cant be taught how to do it.
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    agree. Quinn and Kerrigan have the speed and quickness. Not terribly fluid, but neitehr is Cunningham. Both are considerably faster than Cunningham, and if I had to pick Quinn or Kerrigan based on where we have to get them, I'm on Kerrigan. He's more athletic than Quinn, and has 4 solid years of production to look at. Can't say the same for Quinn. Plus, we can probably get Kerrigan 5-8 spots lower.

    On the McGinest thing...BB didn't draft him, but he saw something in him and that someting was something good. I think BB is in search of someone like McGinest, who can play the elephant role in our D. Kerrigan or Jordan I think can do it, as could Quinn and probably some others.
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      The only defensive player worth moving up for is Peterson . . . Von Miller would help big time as the OLB but Houston can be had with the 28th or 33rd pick and I feel there isn't that much of a drop off . . . and maybe even more up side.  This is a deep draft for the DE postion and the Pats will get a good one at 17.  A number of these guys will be there at 17 . . . Jordan, Watt, Kerrigan, Liuget, Paea, Wilkerson . . . take the one the coaching staff thinks will fit with Vince and Ty and if Wright is ready he becomes the backup with Brace, Pryor and the other Warren then use the 28th for Houston and 33 for Ingram and we will have a great start for next year.  Sure we need a few offensive lineman with one more second round pick and two in the third we should be able to find some talent for Dante to work with.  
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    I like amakumura at 9 if we can get him
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    All in-line speed with little mobility makes this kid a stiff, overrated because of his 40 time.  

    Brooks Reed is the best 3/4 OLB prospect IMO, if the PAT's pick JJ Watt than that means BB wants to convert him to OLB, thinks athletically that he can, and would intrigue me to no end.