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Rock for brains

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    Re: Rock for brains

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    Re: Rock for brains

    In response to pcmIV's comment:


    He made it pretty far this time. What was he at? 3000 posts?


    LOL, he'll back and have 5,000 in a month, he's 24/7 posting


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    Re: Rock for brains

    In response to Muzwell's comment:

    In response to 42AND46's comment:


    In response to Muzwell's comment:


    I think you're all a little demented, frankly. Defending your turf like penguins in the rookery. Waddling around and bumping into each other and both getting nowhere.

    Endless battles with no conclusion taking up page after page. If you all put this much energy into something productive you'd be rich. Maybe you are and that's why you have so much time on your hands? 



    hiya queenie! following on russ's heals defending him to the hilt as usual




    Whatever tough guy.  I don't have the time or inclination to defend or fight anybody on this board. Life is complicated enough without becoming obsessed with defending some imaginary virtual turf, which is what some guys seem to get off on.  

    I agree with Rusty at least philosophically on a lot of things, certainly not everything. Thing is, I probably agree with Babe and others who consistently clash with Rusty on a lot of stuff as well.  Some just take it to an extreme that I can't be bothered with. It's tedious. It's not a discussion, it's a turf battle that has no end.

    I think the great majority on this board get it and stay out of the fray. But there are half a dozen or so that can't seem to restrain themselves, and inevitably we end up with 157 posts going back and forth saying the same things over and over. Count me out.

    Then there are the fans of other teams on here for God only knows what reason...


    ok muzzy fair enough...much respect for this post!

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    Re: Rock for brains

    Finally, a post that makes sense. Muz, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I recently made an attempt to convey some of your thoughts, but failed at it somewhat. Differences in football philosophy or opinion don't have to become a battle field to promote or defend a personal agenda even. Most posters are civil, non offensive and use self controlled brevity in their comments. The few that continuously provoke and attack each other believe in their views and won't relent. That may be OK, but try not to contend with War and Peace to prove or refute the validity of their counterpart. It's sometimes entertaining, but on the most part is too redundant. I concur that certain individuals have valid premises and I think that carrying it too far becomes stagnated and fruitless. I sometimes refer to the bickering as a doubles tennis match with no ball in play. Let's call it a draw and move on. Good post.

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