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Rodney Harrison appreciation thread

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    Rodney Harrison appreciation thread

    RH was a very important cog in two of our SB victories. He played with more tenacity and fire than most players in the NFL. Sometimes it even boiled over. But just like Tedy bruischi and Tom Brady, troy Brown and the long list of other players that put it on the line every week. You consider him one of the best Patriots ever.. I know I do.

    If he wasn't on your team you called him dirty. If he was on your team you saw a player that played every play like it was his last. And you knew that only lazy players looking for an easy way are dirty. That's not how RH rolls.. he took as much as he dished out. So if all you ever saw of RH was the biased highlight video of him going hard after the whistle, Then you got robbed of the opportunity to enjoy watching a guy play the sport as it was meant to be played.. And loving every bone crunching hit.. given or taken...

    Thanks for the SB victories and the memories Rodney.. Much appreciated..

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    Re: Rodney Harrison appreciation thread

    Rodney has been one of my favs for years, I where my Rodney throwback to every home game. He is old school, which is something i look for in a player. He does not liek how soft the league is getting for QBs and such and i agree with him 100%.

    I dont care if other people thought he was dirty hell I dont even care if he was dirty. I loved the way he played and if you cant handle a guy getting a little rough playing football you are watching the wrong sport. the one thing i always loved about him was the fact that he made all the players around him better. The front 7 never had to worry about what was going on behind them because they knew Rodney was on top of it which let guys like Bruschi focus on the play going on in front of him and that is just something you can not replace. I will truely miss Rodney and dispite what the haters will say he is hall of fame in my book.
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    Re: Rodney Harrison appreciation thread

    Football is a violent game and the NFL is not a place for the faint of heart. That Rodney was widely regarded as the most violent of a violent breed is a testament to his greatness and has nothing at all to do with being dirty.

    Anyone who has ever played the game at an organized level (beyond Pop Warner) knows what goes on in the pile, and I would suggest that if you are not "dirty" to some extent, you ain't gonna make it in the big leagues. What I admired about Harrison was the way he continually proved the doubters wrong and kept coming back for more, even when his body kept trying to inform him that no one defeats time.

    It's been said, but I'll say it again: This is the guy you hate when he's not on your team.

    That's really all you need to know about Harrison.
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    Re: Rodney Harrison appreciation thread

    AgreeMike. Harrison brought the hammer every time. I would also add that Harrison may have played mauler after or during the whistle. You hated to play him and the opposition always made sure where he was on the field.

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    Re: Rodney Harrison appreciation thread

    He gave 100% on every down; consummate leader of our secondary; instilled fear in opposing WR's; like Bruschi, Law, and Seymore, he was an integral part of SB teams; handled the media exceptionally well; deserves entry into HOF.