In Response to Re: Rolando McClain: Patriots are 'finesse':
Well, they're definitely not a smashmouth team, not in the least bit and I seriously doubt that's going to change in Oakland. Like it or not, our NE Pats are the new Colts of the NFL.
Posted by Salcon

Sad but true... I have been thinking more and more about this in the past few years.  Win 12-14 games during regular season, one and done in the playoffs.  Great Passing offense, running game ONLY effective AFTER the pass is established and terrible. soft D that can't get off the field to save their lives, with the exception of the Turn-Over. 

In the playoffs when things tighten up, we cant rely on 300+ yards passing and 3-4 turn-overs a game to win.  Tough, smashmouth football wins in the playoffs.... this is why the likes of Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Jests, have been winning in the post season. 

I so miss the days when we won with Defense and the offense did enough to win.  While I enjoy all of Brady's record-breaking exploits, it seems such a waste that our "D" is softer than a wet paper bag.......