Ron Bace

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    Ron Bace

    I hope he worked on his "technique". I like to think they were working him for this game, although Green wasn't injured then..... Hope he plays BIG!
    Line is going to be busy all day. We need him.
    Let's see Wright make it through the game also...
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    Re: Ron Brace

    Based on the recent Dean Pees comments, Brace will only be used against a certain set of offensive players.  Based on Bill Belichick's comments, Miami believes in big, strong players.  I conclude that Brace will be active and rotating in against Miami on the third and short run defense.  Brace's specialty is that he can't be moved off of the line of scrimmage, even with a double team sometimes.  Put the strong in against the strong to prevent the other defensive linemen from wearing down by the fourth quarter. 

    If Miami's running game goes nowhere, they'll have to rely on Chad Henne's arm, and good luck with that.  Chad dropped back to pass 26 times and ran 3 times last Sunday.  During these 29 plays the quarterback and his receivers gained 47 net yards, so Henne averaged 1.6 yards per play.  I suspect BB has been studying video of this game and now has a few ideas on how to defense Henne.  A little understatement never hurts.