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Ron Brace

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    Ron Brace

    I know you all will scoff but there is the very real possibility that this kid may have to replace big Vince this year.  I like Wilfork alot and I do hope the Pat's sign him but if that does not happen, I feel pretty good about Brace.  I like him because he's a Boston College guy and alot of those guys for some reason ( smarts?) tend to either start or contribute heavily in their rookie years.  Look at Koppen, Woody, Matt Ryan etc.  I'm sure someone can come up with players to the contrary but I still think this kid will conrtribute even if Wilfolk signs. 
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    Re: Ron Brace

    U never know what's going too happen,right now it looks like The Fork is planning on holding out and if he does he'll be burning his own bed.BB doesn't like players who think of themselves first,he's a team first HC and if you don't believe me ask the list of players who've tried to pry money out of the Patriots before their contracts expire,especially those who try too force his hand.I think the fact that the Patriots spent 6 draft choices on both sides of the line says something about what BB and the front office is thinking,on the D-line they drafted Brace in particular as a NT that would be Forks position,maybe!!!!