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Ron Erhardt RIP.

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    Re: Ron Erhardt RIP.

    Thread from yesterday
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    Re: Ron Erhardt RIP.

    Good post zbellino, and a nice tribute to Erhardt. It's pretty amazing the impact he has had on the Patriots franchise, even though he hasn't coached here in over 30yrs!

    When you think about it, between his offense and the 3-4 that Fairbanks brought in '73, it's kind of funny that they do a lot of the same things today that they did 40yrs ago on both sides of the ball (with a few new wrinkles of course!).
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    Re: Ron Erhardt RIP.

    I recall Erhardt taking over the Pats head coaching duties when Fairbanks left. Or maybe he shared the job at the time with Hank Bullough and became head coach the next year. Either way, he was put in an impossible situation by the worst owners in sports at the time, unfortunately. Of course, they scapegoated him a short time later as was their style.

    Fairbanks had quite the coaching tree just from his time with the Pats, Erhardt, Parcells, Red Miller, Ray Perkins, Ray Berry, Sam Rutigliano. Might be missing one or two (or misremembering...).