Rookies and Playoff Pressure

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    Rookies and Playoff Pressure

    This is a factor that I hope doesn't come into play. Will first year players, McCourty, Hernandez, Gronkowski, a well rested Spikes, and even those younger players who haven't been in a playoff game, step up even more?

    I noticed the last few games some drops from WR's that seem out of character, Welker for one. This doesn't go unnoticed by future opponents who will do every thing they can to get into the heads of the Patriots before and during game(s).

    BB is a master at the mental aspects of the game, were 0-0 right now, we need to improve etc, and the veterans on the team should help keep things in focus. I think when he said in the last post game that working in veterans like Morris, and Taylor would help later could have been a hint that any mistakes would bring in someone fresh.

    If there has ever been a time to play the most mistake free football it is now, I know that's being drilled into the heads of every player, show some tape of Assante Samuel and a pass going through his hands, that should help players understand.
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    Re: Rookies and Playoff Pressure

    I don't buy into this really. Wilfork said so yesterday: nobody is a rookie this time of the year. You've played 16 games and have had over 100 practices. It's still football, play, do your job, stay within your role, and you'll be fine. Great thing is we have Brady and Crump on the offensive side to keep things in order. On the other side, we have Wilfork and Mayo to keep the defense focused.

    Cool thing McCourty said the other day: "I don't even know what to expect in terms of preparation or atmosphere but I'll come in Monday and see what Coach wants me to do."

    For it to be that simple to him is amazing: just show up on time and do what coach asks me. It's the purest form of coaching there is and I'm glad Bill has his guys buying in like that.
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    Re: Rookies and Playoff Pressure

    They beat the best teams in the AFC handedly, faced adversity and won games with just one big play. This team has done it all to win and done it against the best, BB will have them rested and ready to play, no rookies on the field for us in the playoffs, just first year studs. Can't wait for our rookies and undrafted players to light up these "superstars" of the NFL.
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    Re: Rookies and Playoff Pressure

    In Response to Re: Rookies and Playoff Pressure:
    Homefield is going to help, too.
    Posted by bobbysu

    Hopefully all of the corporate season ticket holders, will make some noise.....
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    Re: Rookies and Playoff Pressure

    Rodney Harrison gave an excellent analysis of the season long development of the Patriots secondary. One note "At times you can see the immaturity in the secondary." His bottom line was: "can these young guys handle the playoff pressure? Thats the question."
    He also suggested that this team should only get better with its young talent, and future draft picks. Harrisons warning to NFL opponents "watch out."
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