Ross Tucker on BB's Approach

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    Re: Ross Tucker on BB's Approach

    2008's got by on a base continuity of vets but that D was OLD and slow. Like molasses.

    JT O'Sullivan shredded them on 3rd down in SF. Remember that? It was as bad as anything we see now and we had Wilhite at Safety and Lewis Sanders at CB.


    They didn't created turnovers either, which is actually a staple of this D right now.  Our D basically averages 2 turnovers per game, which is a far cry from our 2005, 2008 or 2009 Ds.  Adalius Thomas was at MLB in 2008, too. Didn't really work well.  Also, the 2008 D didn't have to deal with a lockout.

    It stinks, but if one of those fumbles in the SB bounces the other way, we win. But, our D created those fumbles, which is why I cannot put the worst BB Ds above the 2011 D. The 2010 D was a bit stronger in this area (MCCourty's phenomenal rookie year), but it's hard to complain in this area.

    Another plus is the character of the 2011 D. It's light years from the 2009 D. On NE's worst day as a D in 2011, they at least battled.  A few times they locked it down in the second half after a bad 1st half. Pitt comes to mind.  5 total sacks vs Pitt.

    You cannot discount a slew of younger players, some rookies missing camp time this past year.  I actually thought they looked pretty good considering.  Buffalo is where it got out of control, but they clearly were on a good path vs. Dallas and the Giants until the key injuries hit.  And I can't blame the D being on the field int he Buffalo game. That was all Brady and awful game management. It's not secret the 27 points allowed was at that point early in the season. 

    I think people forget how crappy our 2005 D was, too. Bruschi returned and it helped, but  the secondary was in a free fall (Duane Starks), minus the great Samuel that year.

    If we had Cassel last year, we would have run more and we would have made the playoffs. Not winning 13 games, but I doubt we blow the game in Buffalo.  Buffalo can't stop the run and we threw that one away. 

    We also may have beaten the Giants at home vs losing with 2 awful INTs from Brady, swinging momentum.   Keep in mind, 5 or 6 times this year our offense generated little production in the 1st half. Many times it was only a FG.  Our offense struggled constantly in late October into November in first halves and then that problem resurfaced in December as well. Miami anyone?  Buffalo?

    The D was at its weakest down their best starters and the offense just didn't pick up the D.

    Absolute truth.

    And we know the D outperformed the offense in the postseason. Both were outstanding against a feeble Denver club and the D saved the day in the title game.

    They put the game into the offense's hands in the SB, but the offense again was the root cause of the downfall.  Again, I cannot say the 2011 D was worse than the D's I listed above from yesteryear.

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    Re: Ross Tucker on BB's Approach

    I will admit, B.B. squeeeezed every ounce of talent he could from last years defense, and by years end, it was a formidable unit, but it still wasnt ideal.

    It does Su ck that they couldnt recover any fumbles, cuz they dam sure couldnt get off the field. Without the recoveries, I will have to say, the defense was just a doormat in the SB, holding in the redzone, but not allowing our offense more time to operate

    In 08' we had better names, but they were old and slow like you said. Either Way, we have been trending downward since 08', despite what you think. 31st ranked last year.

    So, I hope the necesarry players are drafted on defense to give us that much needed injection of youth, energy and playmaking ability.

    You must admit we were setback with all the pics like Brace, Pryor, Richard, and free agents like Ellis. Sure they filled in at times,. but NONE were consistent and now we have to draft a slew of lineman to make up for it, instead of being able to solidify the secondary which is STILL a question mark after numerous high picks.

    I do believe our defense will be much improved, just by Gregory alone, but I wouldnt predict going from 31st to 10th. I think a more reasonable jump would be from 31st to maybe 18th thru 22nd. in 2014, baring any setbacks, we should be up to 10-15th. baby steps.
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    Re: Ross Tucker on BB's Approach

    In Response to Ross Tucker on BB's Approach:
    Thanks for putting this article out there. I agree in his assessment that the Pats have success going after second week guys the first week. He left out the part about the psychological effect it has that its NE and BB calling and not Ireland.

    In general the list of FA pick ups has been extremely underwhelming over BB's tenure. There have been a few exceptions but by and large NE FAs are usually canon fodder. I posted the list before along with draft picks and you can see how only high draft picks afford some surety of production.

    While I can agree NE might fill out their JAG roster holes through FA I dissagree that they are finding their "elite" players in the draft. Gronk and Hernandez were absolute steals; Gronk has spinal stenosis which may cause problems in the future, Hernandez's value dropped because of refer madness hysteria. Moss and Welker were both immigrants. But on the whole if BB isn't drafting high than he's not finding "elite". I'll be very curious what "elite" player he finds in the first round.  We know BB won't move up in the draft and so what fish missed the nets and found the bottom except the flounder?

    Anyway, thanks for the post and I'm very excited to see the greatest show on turf next year with Brandon on board. This has the potential to be NE's greatest offense ever if the line holds up. Unfortunately there isn't money to fix the defese but...
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    Re: Ross Tucker on BB's Approach

    In Response to Re: Ross Tucker on BB's Approach:
    Heck. I'd take the 2011 D over the 2005 D.
    Posted by BassFishing

    Ha ha...that 2005 defense was horrendous.  That was not Pioli's finest work that offseason.  Duane Starks?  Really? LOL...that was pretty bad.  I agree, I'd take the 2011 defense over that one.