Seems with the Wildcat offense and Henne at QB the Pats should set the roster and need the following to happen in order to win the game:
-mainly will see 3-4 defense and must set the edge rather than rush the edge. does this mean we see less of Burgess and TBC? More of Woods? Seems Mayo and AT need to come up with 6-8 tackles for the Pats to win.
-assume not as many DB's needed this week, so will we see Brace to spell Fork and Wright?
-more snaps for Sanders as he is a more sure tackler than both Brandons
-if the Brandons go for the big hit and dont wrap up, expect to see them on the bench
-expect to see little of Aiken on offense, keeping him fresh to stop Ginn on the return. Also means Slater, Chung both active for Special Team play
-Phins suspect down the middle so expect to see Watson repeatedly
-big game for Vollmer against Porter. Taylor, even though he had a TD last week seems a step slower
-screen pass has worked against the Phins this year so lets hope they can het Maroney involved early
-Punting game must be improved to win field position game