roster question

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    roster question

    As of this morning with the addition of Mitch Petrus, I count 55 on the 53-man active roster.  Where have I erred?

    3 Stephen Goskowski K

    11 Julian Edelman WR

    12 Tom Brady QB

    14 Zoltan Mesko P

    15 Ryan Mallett QB

    18 Mathew Slater WR

    22 Stevan Ridley RB

    34 Shane Vereen RB

    38 Brandon Bolden RB

    39 Danny Woodhead RB

    47 Michael Hoomanawanui TE

    48 Danny Aiken LS

    61 Marcus Cannon T

    62 Ryan Wendell G

    63 Dan Connolly G

    64 Donald Thomas G

    65 Nick McDonald G

    67 Mitch Petrus G

    70 Logan Mankins G

    76 Sebastion Vollmer T

    77 Nate Solder T

    80 Visanthe Shiancoe TE

    81 Aaron Hernandez TE

    83 Wes Welker WR

    84 Deion Branch WR

    85 Brandon Lloyd WR

    86 Daniel Fells TE

    87 Rob Gronkowski TE

    23 Marquice Cole CB

    24 Kyle Arrington CB

    25 Patrick Chung S

    26 Derrick Martin DB

    27 Tavon Wilson DB

    28 Steve Gregory S

    31 Aqib Talib CB

    32 Devin McCourty CB

    37 Alfonzo Dennard CB

    41 Malcolm Williams DB

    43 Nate Ebner DB

    50 Rob Ninkovich LB

    51 Jerod Mayo LB

    54 Dont'a Hightower LB

    55 Brandon Spikes LB

    58 Tracy White LB

    59 Mike Rivera LB

    71 Brandon Deaderick DE

    74 Kyle Love DT

    75 Vince Wilfork DT

    90 Niko Koutouvides LB

    92 Jake Bequette DE

    94 Justin Francis DE

    95 Chandler Jones DE

    96 Jermaine Cunningham LB

    97 Ron Brace DE

    99 Trevor Scott LB


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    Re: roster question

    Bolden and Talib currently have roster exemptions because of their suspensions.  Talib's expires on Monday so someone is going to get the axe before then.

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    Re: roster question


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    Re: roster question

    In response to shenanigan's comment:

    Rivera's on the PS and Talib has a roster exemption until Monday.  Meaning there are 54, but on Monday someone must go.

    Thanks, I missed that.  Keeping up with the roster moves is a bit challenging.  The revolving door is faster than that at a certain local hotel that rents rooms by the hour.