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    Re: Roth

    Hyman Roth will not see the New Year and Matthew Roth will not play for New England...
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    Re: Roth

    You criticize Belichick on moral grounds but refuse to accept that MORALLY what Belichick did was no different than what other teams were doing, which is frankly a pathetic and ungrounded excuse to hate a man that blocked your path to the Super Bowl twice.
    Look, the guy was caught by the packers.  Who knows if he was officially warned, but something caused the league to send a memo to all teams about the practice.  Forget about everything prior to the memo.  Do you of any other team that did not abide by the memo other than the Pats?  Further, I think Belichick is a very very good coach, best in the league possibly.  I don't care for his character or his antics and that's my preogative.   

    MORALLY speaking, stealing signals with a camera versus a pen and paper is like killing with a gun instead of a knife
    A plastic disposable knife, maybe. 

    Goodell said it himself, but you refuse to embrace your hypocrisy because that would mean that Belichick was no worse MORALLY than any other team in the league and you wouldn't have anybody to hate anymore.
    Said what?  Sorry if I don't like the guy. 
    Your logic is weak because of your ignorance of facts, but I'll keep posting this until you see the light:">
    I've seen Jeremy Green's opinion plenty.  His opinion is not Belichicks.  The few coaches who have said they tried and abandoned the method because they couldn't find value didn't work in Belichick's system.  Why do you think the Jets and Broncos were caught with their own videogate issues?  If you aint cheatin you aint tryin doesn't have to be a motto. 

    You found your conclusion that Belichick is immoral scum on the basis that nobody else in the league cheats.
    That's over assuming.  I don't care for his smug ways.  I don't care for his Nixonian paranoia.  I don't care for his bits of gamesmanship.  As I have said many many times before, I once idolized a boorish coach until I came to realize that his BS methods were unnecessary to be successful. 

    Now Anthony Gonzalez says 10-100 guys are using HGH around the league:
    Reports are that there are more than 20% using HGH.  If there are 1700 active players per team, that's 340 or 10 per team. 

    You are quite holier than thou
    Thou doth protest too much