So far....Light is not under contract and like mankins could want more money. For his age he isnt worth it but is probably our best option via free agentcy or what we could do in the draft because we also have high priorities at other postions so keeping him could be essential.
Mankins-Really starting to set me off. He is good but he is not worth all the problems he is causing and the money he is demanding if opportunity presented itself to get a replacement for him and get rid of him i wouldnt mind at all. But in the mean time he is one of the best gaurds around and our best o-linemen. I'd like to see him sign his tender and either work out a reasonable contract or replace him. I'd rather see him pull his head out sign a good contract with us and have that allow us to target other areas but at this point i want him gone if he keeps this up.
Dline\olb- I dont see stroud being the answer or even see him on the team spring time considering where he is in his career and he is more of a 4-3 player and i dont see us dropping the 3-4. I want us to bring in one veteran from free agentcy when it happens. I'd like to keep nink. around for rotation and say bye to tbc
Draft- I want Oline and olb\de in the first round. second round if we dont trade it i wouldnt mind another o lineman and another d end to switch around with warren while our top pick guy is in more. I think one extra Cb\S added to the roster later on would be nice because i'm a little sketchy on bodden and arrington being our depth behind mccourty and with some problems merriweather has been having. A big power back kind of player would be nice to add to BJGE and woodhead and i really like gates in the 5th at wide out. he is big and fast (tied fastest 40 this year out of the wide outs) for a 5th who cares if he is a route runner let him use his strength, size and speed just to sprint and catch straight down field.