semi coherent thoughts after Sundays debacle
-seems to me Light/Mankins/Neal are better run blockers than pass blockers, yet Koppen/Vollmer are just the opposite. Might the Pats be better off scrapping the spread offense, finding a mauler center, and run to set up the pass? I would still like to see what Maroney, Morris, Taylor can do from a run first o-line
-how can you stay with the spread offense with only 2 recievers?
-did I miss the follow up on the rumor/comment that Moss dislocated his shoulder in the Denver game and couldn't raise it above his head? 
-on a speed defense like the Colts, Guyton is a very good every down LB. In a 3-4 defense, he looks like a 3rd down pass coverage LB 
-seems to me a good coach teaches technique and scheme AFTER tackling. say what you want about blown coverages, poor defensive plans and lack of adjustments. poor tackling was the #1 culprit with this D
-Adalius is 270 lbs. why was he only medicore setting the edge? his insticts are to chase the ball. how many times did we see his BACK chasing the runner on his supposed edge? he would have been better doing what Burgess was supposed to be good at
-there is a very large pro bowl NT that is at the end of his contract now that the season is over. he is the heart and soul of his defense. I wonder if he signs, is franchised or is on the free market? his name is Casey Hampton
-prior to the Shanny/Denver split, Shanny's #1 stated goal was to trade Marshall.
 Now Josh is on non speaking terms with him and is also looking to trade him. why would he be wanted here?  
-would the Pats use one of the #2's on a punter?
 -the draftnik's say it is a very deep draft for edge rushers ond OLB's. do I sniff a #1 pick on a TE?