Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    This site I just found has been screaming the Patriots are going to trade up They some good mock drafts

    They have 2 seperate scenarios w/ video!!!!
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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    In Response to Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.:
    To move up to #10 it would probably cost BB #17, #60 and perhaps one other in a later round.  That would seem to indicate that he considers the target to be a special player at the Mayo or Seymour level.  The question then is, who among those mentioned is considered to be that kind of player?  I ask because I don't really know.
    Posted by ATJ

    the prince is not that special player in my opinion.
    if we did move up, i think it would be to take a shot on a potentially dominant player who may be a risk ie quinn, fairley etc. (a dominant front 7 player)
    its too high for aldon smith (likely) or kerrigan.
    the receivers are likely gone and i wouldnt trade for them when we have much higher needs.

    sorry i posted this after the initial question.
    one or 2 of you have come up with the same thing.
    sorry for the duplication, was what i thought of given the scenario before reading  later post.
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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    In Response to Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.:
    Everyone thinks up from 17 or down from any of the first 3.  What about trading up from 28 or 33 to the high teens or early 20's?  I think it would be great value to have 3 picks between 17 and 25 for instance, and probably have the picks in rounds 2 and 3 to get it done.  How about solder, watt, and ayers, or something similar.  Why pick 1 of the 3 "solid" value choices, when they have the picks to get 3 stud type players.  We don't need 9 new young bodies, but 3 at positions of need would certainly be something...
    Posted by fl+adam,

    " I think it would be great value to have 3 picks between 17 and 25 for instance, "
    all for it!
    thats been my kind of thinking.
    or at least move up with 2.
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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    love their draft.
    not hot on wilkerson prefer heyward, watt or jordan, but love their draft:

    Update: Rumors of Washington wanting to trade up makes Gruss MAD!

    Gruss goes to back to the drawing board:

    Bill calls an old friend Jim Schwartz sitting at 13. It's draft day and at 13, the top 2 offensive weapons are off the board, but there's a guy who has the Patriots attention, we've mentioned him as a fast riser.  Gruss thinks that the 3rd round pick will get Schwartz's attention and they deal.

    The Patriots get 13th and the 207th (Round 7)

    Detriot gets the 17th and the 74th (Round 3)

    And they pick:

    13. Aldon Smith, DE/OLB, Missouri, 6'4, 263
    Smith has not played many games (3rd year sophomore) and is still a work-in-process, but his skills are undeniable. He was a force on all of the field in college, but went through multiple injuries in 2010. With that and his size, this will be a concern in the pros. If you look at him on tape, he is clearly a top 10-15 talent. He's all over the field and we think he has the best moves of any pass-rusher coming out this year. He's the type of pass-rusher that could change the way the Patriots attack the quarterback. Played defensive end in college and would have to be converted to OLB in 4-3. Smith has come on our charts heavy, a top 15 player and the type of value Belichick likes

    28. Muhammed Wilkerson, DT, Temple, 6'4, 325
    Strong all-around player. Ideal size for 3-4 DE. Solid worker who is very coachable. The question about him is whether his success was being bigger and stronger than the competition. Strong at point of attack and shows ability to penetrate. Should be a high second round choice, but because he occupies blockers, hecould slip into first round. Has all the physical attributes to play the 5 technique (DE in 3-4).


    36. Belichick will cash this chip, Denver calls....

    The Patriots trade back from 33 to 36 and get the 46th pick

    Denver gets the 33rd and 60th pick..

    And they select:

    36. Daniel Thomas - RB, Kansas State, 6'1 230 - We've ranked number one now and like him a little more than Leshoure for upside head to head. Leshoure will gone anyways, Thomas is the wildcard who is built to drive, and his running style is a north-south style with hard cuts. His size is impressive, as he can get up to the second level and deliver hits and then accelerate. We saw alot of ankle tackles on him indicating how elusive he can be. Plays faster than combine time. Shows he can catch a flare and turn up field. However, he needs to get his pad level lower, as he can be knocked off balance during his cuts. We like this kid alot, and he would be a good fit with the Patriots. We like him more than Leshoure. Don't be surprised if his name is called.




    46. Martez Wilson - OLB, Illinois, 6'4, 250  - Here is our upset special. Wilson is a fast, long linebacker who played inside, but physical attributes projects outside. His closing speed would allow him to track ball carriers even with elite speed. Not a read and react type linebacker and would have to learn that style of defense. However, what makes him a intriguing is his ability to run on deep patterns and deep drops into zones. Also, his wing span enables him to cover alot of space. Since he was an ILB, he has played in close quarters and would have some flexibility in sub packages. A quick key and diagnose player, he shoots gaps and tracks targets relentlessly. Wilson is a good wrap up and bring down tackler. We like Wilson but he's a work in progress with a ton of upside.


    74. Rodney Hudson, OG, Florida State, 6'2, 299
    Four year starter and four year All-ACC for Seminoles. Highly intelligent player with great technique and footwork. Hudson is smaller and lighter than most NFL guards and this could affect his draft status. But his size is the probably the only negative about this player. Very coachable player who will make some team very happy in round 2. Voted best lineman in the ACC for the last 2 years. Probably will have to move up to at least 50 to get him.


    92. Orlando Franklin, OT Miami (FL) 6'6 315
    More of a system blocker than a dominating presence, which is why he could be a good fit for the Patriots. Not overly impressive, but gets the job done and coordinates well with his teammates' strengths. His best games are often against elite competition which will could bode well for him during the draft. Lacks elite hand and feet work.



    159. Ryan Bartholomew  C, Syracuse, 6'1 302 - After Stephan Wisniewski, Bartholomew has the tools for an all pro center. A physically strong kid who combines speed and great footwork, he played well at the senior bowl and a strong combine only moved him up our board. He has the ability to shift quickly, sharply and laterally, which will work at the next level in switching protections. He was a captain and you know Belichick likes leaders. He's a 60 Max sleeper - you know we love these guys.


    193. Aldrick Robinson WR, SMU, 5'9, 185 was the team's top receiving target. Wrapped up his college career with 65 catches, finished in the top 10 in the NCAA in receiving yards (1,301) and touchdowns (14). Robinson has excellent speed (4.45) and has the playmaking abilty to make an impact in the NFL. He has great hands and very good open field running - he's a find. The knock on this kid is his size, 5'9, 185, and whether he can compete at the next level. Coming out of a run and shoot offense, he'll have to prove that. We love this guy and what he can do, a late round choice is worth it.


    207. Greg Romeus Pittsburg DT, 6'5, 264 Part of a line that was one of the top units in the NCAA. He's our number one sleeper, but he's a risk - damaged goods. A bad back and a torn ACL are red flags him big time. It speaks volumes that the Patriots would use a visit on him. He's a prototype late round Patriots choice, in expecting Belichick to aquire a 7th round pick, Romeus would be a good bet if he's not taken already. A 1st round talent, Romeus has OLB written all over him. Tall and long, he has the wingspan to cover a lot of space, but stout enough to play the power game. If you compare him in 2009 to any of the top DL coming out in this draft, he's just as good. He can power through a Tackle, extending his long arms or cut across and close. He's a relentless tracker who operates good in the open field.

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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    In Response to Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.:
    I can't see Jordan at #10 honestly. Just looking down the chart Hou #11 seems to be set on Aldon Smith or Robert Quinn right now Minn #12 I'm hearing Bowers, Locker, or trading back. Though they might not want to deal after being burnt with Moss Det #13 Looks like Prince if he slips to them or a T Stl #14 isn't doing a very good job showing their love for Liuget Mia #15 They are looking OL, QB, RB not a threat Jac #16 The 1st major threat. Kerrigan fits their system better but Jordan or Watt could also be the choice Anyway I look at it at least 1 of Kerrigan, Watt, or Jordan will be at #17 so why spend your late 2nd to move up to #10 for Jordan? Unless they feel SD is going to trade up to get Jordan and the Pats are set on him. Or if they are really targeting Quinn, Miller, Prince. I can't see Prince considering they need pass rush more then secondary help and already are looking to trade out of #28 and #33. Quinn I think is a better fit as a 43 DE and Miller will be gone. Could it be that they are bluffing and hoping Jac or SD trade up to grab Jordan letting either Kerrigan or Watt fall to #17?
    Posted by PatsEng
    I completely agree. No way they move up for a cornerlike Prince. BB likes College players that have at least 3 years of productivity, goodbye to all those who think we are going after Quinn. To suggest Kerrigan at 10 is a joke. either Watt , Jordan or Aldon Smith. I for some reason feel that Cam Heyward might be the next Richard Seymour. If you look back Seymour, he did not completely Dominate his last year in College. Something tells me this kid is going to be a much better Pro than he was in college, with the right coaching.
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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    There are too many question marks with all the early picks.  Character, health, strength, one season wonders.  I would prefer the Patriots stay at 17.  Get JJ Watt or someone for help on the defensive line.  The need to rebuild the offensive line.  Moving up will cost dearly both in picks and salary cap.  It is better to use the draft as a starting point and keep money available for when free agency starts.   If all their money is tied up in an early pick, they will not be able to sign any free agents including their own. 
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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    I can see this happening this year for sure.  I'm thinking if Robert Quinn is there at 9 - (Dallas) this is where it could get quite interesting.

    Dallas need a OT and they can slide down and pick one up at 17.  Look for the Pats to go get IMPACT this year. (They need it)

    I can see the Pats move up for Robert Quinn.  at pick 9,10 or 11.....IF he is there of course.

    But then again, EVERYTHING makes sense now, we'll chat again on Friday and check how wrong we all were! HA

    Go Pats!

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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

                    I just hold that much in the draft or the combine,over the yrs  seen so many 1st rounders bust and seen others  like brady and others play at the top of thier games and become big name players.Maybe it has to do with proven people wrong or some first rounders get that big signing bounous and have that feeling og entitlement that they can do what ever and get a pay check.
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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    In Response to Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.:
    I want JJ Watts but he can be had at 17
    Posted by MVPkilla4life

    JJ watt scares me.  Now I am guessing, but sounds like a steriod guy to me.  I know kids put on weight in college but I have a feeling its the roids.  Was loving him, but now I'm on the cam jordan bandwagon.  lets get a DE and OL trade a pick and grap a LB
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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    I have said it before and I will say it again, I don't see Cameron Jordan being a good fit for the Pats system, to small for 34 end and to slow for 34 OLB.  Quinn, Von Miller and Kerrigan are the only guys I can see coming in before 17 or so that are DE's in college and will tranfer to solid OLB's in the NFL.  Jordan will have some trouble I think.
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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    I like Both....Jordan  more speed...and i think hes strong enough...just not fat and slow like the pats have....  WATT  big time effort...either would make the team better....
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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    In Response to Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.:
    I also dont want Jordan. No reason really I just dont want him.
    Posted by MVPkilla4life

    Same here...I don't see what's so special about the guy.  Next Cory Redding.
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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    In Response to Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.:
    I love all these possibilities dealing with getting the next Willie McGinnest, down DE and OL w/ coverage skills, which would solve all the D problems. " Good coverage = sacks,   Great rush = picks" I can only say that these guys are few and far between. Thank goodness the Tuna saw him #3?. BB is from that tree so if we trade up .. that could be the guy!Is that guy available at 10?   who were those guys since... Demarcus Ware (Parcels' draft) and Merriman( FA?) ?
    Posted by mgraham

    The Tuna took Willie McGinnest at #4 not #3. Also a little trivia for you...In the last game of the 1993 season the Pats came from behind to upset the Miami Dolphins. Had they not won that game the Pats would have had the #2 pick in the draft and would have drafted Marshal Faulk, someone that Tuna wanted desperately to pair with a young Drew Bledsoe. But Bledsoe was to good to soon by beating those Dolphins, and we ended up picking Willie Mac at #4. Also interestingly, not one other Pats draft pick that year was worth a darn except Willie Mac!
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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    In Response to Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.:
    I kind of depends on who's writing the article. I readsomething on ESPN Insider with the same scenario with Greg Bedard from the Boston Globe talking about them moving up for Robert Quinn. My guess would be Prince Amukamara the CB from Nebraska as the target, assuming he's available.
    Posted by mbeaulieu07

    Would they really need to move up to #10 to get prince? If him, jordan, quinn and tyson smith were available at #10, who would you take?
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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    Why would the Pat's want more picks and why trade for picks next year when there may not even be a draft?  They have 75 players now on their roster and 3 more on military reserve who may be in camp this year plus 9 current draft picks . . . that's 87 without FA's which means over 30 getting cut.  I say trade some picks to move up and get some STUDS.  The future is now as Brady will not be here forever . . . we need the SUPER Bowl this year!!!!
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    Re: Rumor Mill, Pats looking to trade up.

    Pats need a good passrusher.  Think about how sic their defense willl be if they get an elite DE, think about how much better that makes their secondary when they can rush the QB.  It would nice to have another elite CB to develop along side Mcourty, but thats a secondary need (no pun intended) after a good pass rusher I'd say we need to strengthen the OL.