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    A board to post and discuss the latest rumors that involve the Patriots.
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    Re: Rumors

    Cards to let Karlos walk?

    2:59PM ET
    Karlos Dansby | Cardinals

    The Arizona Cardinals will have a big decision to make on Anquan Boldin after this season -- here's the latest on that -- but they have several big decisions on the other side of the line of scrimmage as well.

    Primary among those concerns is linebacker Karlos Dansby, who will be an unrestricted free agent following his one-year tender with the franchise tag this season. Speaking to the press after the Cardinals wrapped up their season on Saturday with a loss, Dansby again displayed his knowledge on the NFL as a business. "We'd like to have everybody back and come back strong, try to make another run at it. But unfortunately, it might not pan out like that."

    Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic noted on Monday that the Cards are unlikely to place the franchise or transition tag on Dansby, and that they likely have a set figure in mind for a long-term offer. If another team offers more, they'll bid him a fond farewell. This could be trouble, as NFC West blogger Mike Sando wrote a few weeks back:


    Mike Sando

    Dansby key for Cardinals' defense

    "Dansby's situation is the most pressing one in the immediate term. The Cardinals do not have adequate young depth at linebacker to feel good about their situation if Dansby leaves. They certainly missed Dansby when the Titans were marching down the field for the winning touchdown [earlier in 2009]. I'm not convinced the organization will pay Dansby huge money on a long-term deal, but neither am I convinced the team has a good fallback option if Dansby does not return."
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    Re: Rumors

    Cromartie on the block?

    12:06PM ET
    Antonio Cromartie | Chargers | Interested: Ravens?, Browns?,Falcons?, Lions?, Vikings?, Eagles?, Steelers?

    Amongst a laundry list of players on whom decisions must be made this offseason bySan Diego Chargers GM A.J. Smith, according to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, one name sticks out: Antonio Cromartie.

    Cromartie has one year left on his deal, and is coming off "his best all-around season," per Acee. Why trade him, then? The team has some major financial issues with other spots on the roster that don't have replacements waiting in the wings, and it's believed that Antoine Cason might be ready to step up his role. Last week, we speculated that some teams that might be interested in Cromartie would include the Vikings, Lions, Eagles, Falcons and Steelers.

    In addition to those, you can add the Ravens and Browns as speculative possibilities, per AFC North blogger James Walker:


    James Walker

    Cro could be difference-maker

    "It would probably require the right draft pick (or picks) for the Browns, Ravens or Steelers to lure Cromartie from San Diego. It's too early at this point to know for sure if AFC North teams are interested. But Cromartie would provide an instant upgrade as a starting cornerback on any of these three aforementioned teams."
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    Re: Rumors

    Trade value set for Boldin?

    9:03AM ET
    Anquan Boldin | Cardinals | Interested: Lions?, Patriots?,Buccaneers?, Jaguars?, Panthers?, Dolphins?, Chiefs?, Ravens?
    WRs possibly on the move

    Almost a month ago, we got a hint on "Sunday NFL Countdown" from NFL Insider Adam Schefter who said "this is the year Anquan Boldin gets traded," and this re-booted all the speculation that had been in long-term storage. During a spot on ESPNEWS a week ago, ESPN's Michael Smith noted that the "price tag is probably lower" for Boldin, with the emergence of Steve Breaston and Early Doucet, coupled with Boldin's age and proneness to injury.

    So what is that price tag? Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic writes that the Cardinals will approach this offseason with more realistic demands: "Last spring, the best offer the team said it received was a third-round pick and a player. My hunch is the Cardinals would consider that offer more seriously this season."

    As for where he could be going if traded, some WR-needy teams that would make sense from a speculative standpoint are the Bucs, Chiefs, Dolphins, Jags, Lions, Patriots, Panthers and Ravens.


    Mike Sando

    Clock ticking on Boldin's trade value

    "Boldin is entering the final year of his deal. An injury to Larry Fitzgerald or Steve Breaston would severely affect depth if Boldin weren't around. But the closer Boldin gets to the end of his deal, the more the Cardinals should try to get good value in return if possible. It's not like Arizona is going to re-sign him to a lucrative long-term deal."
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    Re: Rumors

    Casey's options if he doesn't return

    12:17PM ET
    Casey Hampton | Steelers | Interested: Cardinals?, Broncos?,Chiefs?, Dolphins?, Bills?

    The Pittsburgh Steelers would be wise to hang on to Casey Hampton. Since his rookie campaign in 2001, the massive NT has anchored the team's oppressive 3-4 defense while the men around him changed a number of times. According to what sources have told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Steelers will try to bring him back one way or another, be it a long-term deal or a franchise or transition tag.

    But what if they don't lock him up, or they place the "non-exclusive" tag on him, meaning other teams can make offers? We'd expect Hampton to draw plenty of interest. The Dolphins, Chiefs, Cardinals and Broncos are all on the lookout for an upgrade at NT, and if the Bills indeed make the switch to a 3-4 this offseason, they'll need a NT, too.

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    Re: Rumors

    Elvis to leave the building?

    11:42AM ET
    Elvis Dumervil | Broncos | Interested: Cardinals?, Packers?,Patriots?, 49ers?, Dolphins?

    Denver Broncos LB Elvis Dumervil was a revelation in 2009, laying waste to opposing QBs like his financial future depended on it. Mainly because it kinda did: he's expected to hit restricted free agency this offseason.

    Being an RFA brings a limit to what can happen to Elvis this offseason, but it's possible the Broncos will look to sell high and trade him to the highest bidder. One team that could be particularly interested is the Miami Dolphins, the team that hired Denver's 2009 defensive coordinator Mike Nolan this past week. As NFL Insider Adam Scheftertweeted on Sunday morning, "look for [Dumervil] to be on Miami's radar."

    Other 3-4 teams possibly in need of a pass-rushing dynamo like Dumervil include the Patriots, Packers (if Aaron Kampman is let go), 49ers (if they don't believe in Ahmad Brooks) and Cardinals.

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    Re: Rumors

    Of all those guys, Dumervil is the one who truly excites me.  Boldin would be a nice addition but would be more of a stop-gap than a long-term solution.  Dumervil, in my opinion, would completely transform the defense.  If you kept everyone else the same and added a dominant pass rusher like him, I think this defense becomes scary.
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    Re: Rumors

     Stevie Nicks is hot and the Rumors album
    is great.
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    Re: Rumors

    I would love the pats to spend some $$ on two of those guys, Dumervil and Karlos Dansby he and Mayo would own the middle.  Opposite to Dumervil add a Ricky Saap or Husghes and this would be a monster LB group.  These guys will be expensive and Mr karft will need to open his check book but what a transformation that would be!  Mo
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    Re: Rumors

    how about wilfork for Elvis Dumervil and Brandon Marshall we get help on D and O and allow Pryor/Brace to step up. This solves the probelm if wilfork wants big money like haynesworth.
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    Re: Rumors

    thanks for posting the ESPN insider content
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    Re: Rumors

     Pats7393-No OL in your poll? Where's Mike Iupati? None of those DL players are going to protect Brady, open holes, or stop the Jest's pass rush.
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    Re: Rumors

    haha, I know I know but I only added 1st rounders.  I do think they will draft one but if you look (know I know you didn't read the blog) you see I have all sorts of changes on the OL but only have the team drafting one player.  But even if we didn't draft one and the line stayed the same, the team was third best in sacks allowed per pass attempts.  Brady was sacked 1 time per 32.6 pass attempts only TEN (33.3) and Ind (50.4) were better.

    I like some of the options they already have on the team.

    Here's how I see the lineu
    LT Voll, LB Mankins, C Connolly, RG Ohrnberger, RT (R) Kyle Calloway or Tony Washington (either would be a 2nd rounder)
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    Re: Rumors

     Actually, I did read the blog previously, but the poll shouldn't only give options that fit your opinion. I have seen more than a few mocks that have Iupati going in the first round. He is the 22nd rated player on the draft countdown site and goes 27th to Dallas in their mock (of course they also have NE taking Tebow in the first, so take that for what it's worth).
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    Re: Rumors

    Cyber next poll will be a poll to see what players we'll poll in the following poll.  would that work?
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    Re: Rumors

    Not age my man..... experience  Cool
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    Re: Rumors

     Not sure, maybe a poll would be in order.
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    Re: Rumors

    To ALL:

    ~First, Excellent idea for a thread Nick...thanx for the info, please keep it comin'...


    Casey Hampton...and it's not because I'm extremely taken with Wilfork, I'm not.  I actually believe Hampton collapses the pocket just a bit better than VW.  But, Really I want (or wish) for this team to have a 3-4 NT that's at least 6'3, and Hampton has very much the same proportions as Wilfork @ 6'1 and @ 3 hundred and a quarter lbs.  Also gotta wonder How ridiculous Wilfork might be if surrounded by James Harrison, Lamar Woodley and the likes of Troy Polamalu (as just a few), And in the end would rather have at the very least, a franchised, younger VW than get Hampton's 32 years.

    Antonio his mere 4 years in the league, Cromartie has shown brilliance, and imo complete and total inconsistency.  Gambles too much (Asante anyone?), but might get a Pick and take it to the house at seemingly anytime (Do I want 19 PDs and 10 INTs this year OR 9 PDs and 2 INTs?), And finally isn't a bad tackler either (yet in BB's most recent D's, He seems to want his CBs to cushion the WR, let front 7 do the dirty work and CBs to play the pass...just not give up the huge play).  And so in the end, Would rather shell out less to Leigh Bodden-1 year already in system and is a solid cover-corner, Rather than spend way, way too much on a young guy who very well, COULD be a shut-down CB yet gambles a ton and just might take a year off, so who knows his Cromartie...
    At ODDS...

    Elvis can this dude get to the QB.  Man is he going to cost your team a TON of dollas.  Big Question is, Is Dumervil a 1 year (contract-year, no doubt) wonder?  What about his size @ just about 6 feet?  Patriot's very well might need 2 Starting OLBs: A Strongside OLB, who can be bigger, even slower than his counter, but can stuff the run yet still is quick enough to play the pass, AND A Weakside OLB, a pass-specialist who can do a little less of all the above, CAN be somewhat smaller but faster, YET still knock the-he!! outta the QB in a hurry...Dumervil would project to be that weakside pass-rushing specialist for N.E.   YET In the end, Because I trully don't see a starting Strongside OLB for a Belichick Defense in This Draft Class, I believe there ARE some potential fits as a weakside OLB, SO I don't wanna shell out 10 mil for a very talented but undersized, skilled but 1-year wonder, still young but Very Expensive Vet when we just might be able to shore the spot with a rook.

    Aaron Kampman...IMO although unsure IF he does in fact, Kampman could be our starting Strongside Outside Linebacker.  Got the weight @ around 280 lbs, and @ 6'4, He has the height.  I believe Green Bay switched to a 3-4, and I know there were massive questions about Kampman's transition from DE to OLB.  His sack total dropped from around 10 and upwards of even 15 the past few seasons, to an absurd low, something like 3 sacks this year...  Has the vet-savy, Has the 1 year @ OLB, shown in past that he can get to the QB too...  Yet, I gotta wonder not just how well the transition has worked, BUT I have far bigger Questions about How Aaron Kampman @ 30 years old will rebound from his recent knee injury this year...and at what Total Asking Price?  Big, Low, Kampman's FA Cost is a large Unknown?


    Anquan Boldin...Yes please.  Likes holding out of camp...but I'll live because Moss is getting much older, and even though Boldin isn't the youngest guy @ around 30 yo, He IS a proven commodity and gotta have 3 weapons for Tom Brady.  Boldin Can be that insane #2 WR and in the future, possibly hold over the wideout spot for N.E. when Randy retires in a few years, ALSO The Cards will most definately trade him much cheaper than in years past.  Q: Will they take an underachieving and disgruntled OLB, straight up?

    Karlos Dansby...Sure.  Had a somewhat off-year, so I don't think his asking price will be monumental.  Almost certain, Dansby's played multiple linebacker spots, and @ 6'4 he's got the height, although just around 245 lbs, so in a perfect universe-Ideally he'd need 15 lbs.  But Dansby's shown that he can do it all, Multi-schemes, Tackle, Play the Pass, Not bad getting to the QB (not spectacular) he gets the benefit of he doubt.  29 years old, but the wear and tear of just 6 years in the league...not bad.  In Total, Out of the given options I'm aware of-IMO Dansby's holds to be the most consistent investment to play starting Strongside Outside Linebacker for N.E., and therefore BB can spend money on positions elsewhere and either sign in FA or imo, Draft a weakside OLB pass-rusher.

    ~Know it was long, but hopefully informative...Thoughts ANYONE?
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    Re: Rumors

    The Patriots are conservative when it comes to signing top drawer FA's they thought they had gotten the missing link in Thomas but they were suckered in by the fact that he played with 3 other high quality and they thought that he was the spoke that made the wheel turn in Baltimore's Defense! 
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    Re: Rumors

    lazarus, good post. I do disagree with one point about Dumervil: I don't think he's a one year wonder at all.  While this year certainly was his best year, he's been a very good pass rusher in 3 out of his 4 years in the league.  His rookie season, he had 8.5 sacks in 13 games.  He followed that up with 12.5 the next year.  Last year he was down to 5, but that could be attributed to scheme, etc.  And then, this season, when he made the transition to OLB (which is a MUCH better position for him in my opinion), he exploded for 17.  

    I'd expect that production to continue as long as he stays in a 3-4 scheme.  I understand your point about the strong side / weak side positions, but that type of pass rushing threat is just too good to pass up in my opinion.  I'm sure they could find someone to be a run stopper on the strong side on early downs, then giving way to TBC in passing situations.  I think having Dumervil and TBC, along with some creative blitz packages (I think they should blitz ILB's Mayo and Guyton, and safeties Chung and Meriweather more often) would be an enormous boost to the pass defense.
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    Re: Rumors

    pyegian and ALL:

    Always Diggin' the recognition man...  RE: Elvis Dumervil...Didn't follow through and unearth his stats as I should have, and incorrectly presumed less of a sack threat in years past-less to something as smart as positional change, Lol-more towards not recalling him in those League Leader Boards...  Seriously though, Although I didn't know he averaged @ 10 sacks in 2 of his 3 prior years to this one, Man oh man would Dumervil cost, wow.  AND GOD-So many multiple positional needs, simply potential Free Agent losses are scarry enough, but accounting for positional upgrades and some aged vets...sheez this's gotta be a good offseason.  So securing an unbelievably expensive and undersized QB threat when a cheaper draftee could suffice (see-$ @ other spots), or when a serviceable guy might be on the team (see-$ @ other spots)... 

    pyegian, check this out man (and in no way whatsoever, diggin' on you...cause I here ya brotha, and too want Dumervil's prescence for N.E.)...yet, very least-here goes nuthin': 

    1 Starting Strong OLB (with securing super-star Woods-FA as reserve),
    1 Starting/Perfect-Scenario-Reserve Pass-Rush OLB (with securing TBC-FA and/or Crable lmao="health"),
    1 Starting #1 RB/Perfect-Scenario-Reserve (with securing scat-back/Faulk-FA/ and bigger-back work-horse/Morris-Health/Taylor-RFA/ And/Or securing 4-super-games-a-year Maroney-FA),
    1 Starting #2 WR (with #3 WR-Edelman success and with #1 WR-Moss health),
    1 Starting/Perfect-Scenario-Reserve TE (with securing underachieving Watson),
    1 or 2 Starting/Perfect-Scenario-Reserve OG (with securing Mankins-FA and/or Neal-FA),
    1 Starting/Perfect-Scenario-Reserve ILB (with securing mediocre SILB/Guyton-ERFA and with WILB/Mayo health),
    1 Starting/Perfect-Scenario-Reserve DE (with securing Green-FA and/or Pryor/Richard 3-4 DE success),
    1 Starting/Perfect-Scenario-Reserve CB (with securing Bodden-FA and Butler health/success)... 
    ~Oh also, Wilfork can't hold out if he's franchised, McGowan's a Free Agent too, and we just might have to do without having a Kicker or Punter on the team (both FAs)... 
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    Re: Rumors

    Progress on new Cribbs deal?

    5:34PM ET
    Josh Cribbs | Browns | Interested: Titans?, 49ers?

    At the beginning of December, Josh Cribbs told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that he and the Browns were "making good progress" on a new deal. There hadn't been much progress while the organization was under a regime change -- with Mike Holmgren taking over as the new czar. J.R. Rickert, part of Cribbs' representation team, tweeted that the hiring of GM Tom Heckert would change things, but as of yet, nothing new had been publicly reported.

    But Rickert told the Plain Dealer on Thursday that there's been "very positive" dialogue with the team this week, and while no new numbers have been put on the table, he believes "something can be worked out."

    We'll keep you posted on any new trade rumors out there -- with the 49ers and Titans still the most buzzed about in that regard -- as well as anything else on the nitty-gritty of a new deal in Cleveland. For now, here's what Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders said a few weeks back, noting that a trade might fit in with Holmgren's history and his plans for the Browns:


    Football Outsiders

    Remember Galloway?

    "There is an interesting precedent to consider when discussing a Cribbs trade. When Mike Holmgren came to Seattle in 1999 to be both head coach and general manager, the Seahawks had a similarly unhappy big-play threat in receiver Joey Galloway. Galloway wanted a new deal with one year left on his rookie contract, but he and the team were far apart on the numbers. Galloway held out and was eventually traded to the Cowboys for two first-round draft picks, one of which was used on Shaun Alexander. Holmgren the executive is not afraid to play hardball, even with his best players. And in Cribbs' case, the situation may be compounded by philosophical and schematic issues. Holmgren doesn't tend to have return specialists on the rosters he builds, he's not a big fan of the kinds of option plays Cribbs is known to run, and he absolutely hates the shotgun formation. As great as Cribbs is, his inability to fit Holmgren's preferences at first glance might hasten his departure for the right price. Especially when the contract situation is one that Holmgren inherited." -- Aaron Schatz
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    Re: Rumors

    Crennel-Wilfork reunion?

    11:39AM ET
    Vince Wilfork | Patriots | Interested: Broncos?, Chiefs?, Dolphins?,Bills?

    Following the New England Patriots' opening round loss to the Baltimore Ravens, NTVince Wilfork told ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss that he does not want to be franchise-tagged, and that he could see himself playing for another team next season. On Wednesday morning, Reiss wrote that the way it's shaping up, Wilfork is now "likely to be assigned the franchise tag." Sorry, Vince.

    But according to the Boston Herald, there won't be any developments on this front for another couple weeks: sources claim that Bill Belichick has told two players who aren't under contract for 2010 that he won't negotiate with them until February.

    If Wilfork is not tagged or re-signed, he will likely be one of the top free agents on the market this offseason, especially given the prevalence of the 3-4 defense, and the need for a nose tackle in that scheme. Given that, the Dolphins, Broncos and Bills (who may be switching to a 3-4) might take a look, and it's also possible that the Chiefs -- a.k.a. Pats West -- will be interested.

    Wilfork has previously said that he's open to a return to the Sunshine State, per Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. "Florida is home to me. Who wouldn't want to play at home?"

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    Re: Rumors

    Sheppard may be short-timer with Jets

    INDIANAPOLIS - The most noticeable thing about Lito Sheppard yesterday was his absence.

    And now the former Eagles cornerback is probably about to disappear from the New York Jets' roster.

    After starting the Jets' previous eight games, Sheppard was benched by coach Rex Ryan in the team's 30-17 AFC championship loss to the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium.

    Second-year cornerback Dwight Lowery started in Sheppard's place and had more than his share of problems tracking the Colts' receivers.

    "I knew about it at the beginning of the week - Wednesday, when we got in" to practice, Sheppard said. "It was obviously a big surprise."

    And a big disappointment, similar in nature to the end of his tenure with the Eagles when he went from Pro Bowl starter to the fourth cornerback behind Asante Samuel, Sheldon Brown, and Joselio Hanson.

    "I've been through this situation before," Sheppard said. "I didn't think it would happen again, but we'll see how it goes."

    Sheppard did get on the field late in the first quarter after Donald Strickland, another former Eagles cornerback, suffered a groin injury. On Sheppard's first play, Colts wide receiver Pierre Garcon got behind him for a 36-yard reception to the Jets' 9-yard line.

    Sheppard played the rest of that defensive series, but he did not return after that.

    This was Sheppard's first season with the Jets after being traded by the Eagles for draft picks in April. The Jets gave Sheppard a two-year contract extension after the trade, and it included a $10 million roster bonus that is scheduled to be paid March 11. There have been multiple reports that the Jets will not exercise that option, which would make Sheppard an unrestricted free agent.

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    Re: Rumors

    Patriots eyeing Peppers?


    There's one big free-agent fish to keep an eye on - Julius Peppers. Remember, the Patriots sniffed around Randy Moss for quite some time before trading for him, so last year's rumblings about Peppers could've been a precursor to a real run at him. Peppers is almost certain to become a free agent, since the Panthers would have to tender him an offer of more than $20 million to franchise him for a second straight year.

    Boston Globe