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    Re: Rumors

    How about :
    Dansby/ Boldin for a #2 a #4 and Adalius Thomas?  Maybe AD ccan get rejuvenated.. and if the Cards are sure they are going to let ogo of Dansby and Boldin this would be a WIN-WIN it seems....
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    Re: Rumors

    you can add osgood.
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    Re: Rumors

    Another QB Making a Pass at Jessica Simpson?


    MIKE DISCIULLO/Bauer-Griffin

    Watch out, Washington Redskins fans: you may have a jinx coming. Jessica Simpson, who was derided by Dallas Cowboys fans as a bad-luck charm when she was dating Tony Romo, may be on her way to sacking another quarterback for herself.

    It's just a very spotty rumor at the moment, but the gossip coming from Star Magazine (by way of the Kansas City Star, of all places) is that Redskins quarterback Colt Brennan has been "chasing" Simpson since last month with a barrage of e-mails and text messages.

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    Re: Rumors

    Pats to land Osgood?

    10:43AM ET
    Kassim Osgood | Chargers | Interested: Patriots?

    Since midway through the 2009 season, San Diego Chargers wideout and special teamer Kassim Osgood has reiterated that he wants a bigger role on offense in 2010, no matter who he plays for. One team that could possibly offer him that opportunity is the New England Patriots, who have an aging Randy Moss and a questionable Wes Welker returning as the top options next season.

    Osgood was spotted wearing a Patriots ball cap during Pro Bowl practices this week, and he told Albert Breer of the Boston Globe that he would play for Bill Belichick. Given the opportunity to play receiver may trump financial concerns, the Pats and Osgood could be a match.

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    Re: Rumors

    Wilfork not alone with tag?

    10:55AM ET
    Vince Wilfork | Patriots | Interested: Buccaneers?, Broncos?,Chiefs?, Dolphins?, Bills?

    A week ago, ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss wrote that the way it's shaping up, Vince Wilfork is "likely to be assigned the franchise tag" if a deal can't be consummated with the Patriots. Appearing on Boston radio station WEEI, Wilfork told the hosts that being tagged would be akin to "a slap in the face." He then added, "I want a long-term deal or I want to be free. Point blank."

    As we know, what the player in question wants doesn't always matter. The Patriots would be within the rules to franchise Wilfork, and unless he wanted to sit out the entire season, he's stuck.

    In the unlikely event that Wilfork is not tagged or re-signed, he will be one of the top free agents on the market this offseason, especially given the prevalence of the 3-4 defense, and the need for a nose tackle in that scheme. We previously speculated that the Broncos, Dolphins and Bills (who may be switching to a 3-4) might take a look, and it's also possible that the Chiefs -- a.k.a. Pats West -- will be interested. Speaking to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Wilfork said that although his first choice is a new long-term deal with the Pats, playing in Florida would be "a dream come true," listing the Bucs and Dolphins as possibilities. No love for the Jags? Or does he think they'll leave the Sunshine State during his possible tenure?

    Here's's senior NFL writer Len Pasquarelli on why Wilfork -- and three other NTs -- could get the tag this offseason:


    Len Pasquarelli

    NTs vital to 3-4 success

    "At least four 3-4 teams are serious about using their franchise tag on nose tackles if they can't get them signed before they hit the unrestricted market. Teams have been reluctant in the past to use the franchise marker on nose tackles, because the spot was regarded as a "grunt" position, but that is hardly the case anymore. The four veteran nose men who could be tagged include New England's Vince Wilfork, Pittsburgh's Casey Hampton, Green Bay's Ryan Pickett and San Francisco's Aubrayo Franklin."
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    Re: Rumors

    Peppers indifferent on future

    11:53AM ET
    Julius Peppers | Panthers

    The Carolina Panthers are faced with a difficult question on defensive end Julius Peppers this offseason. If the Panthers franchise him (again) for 2010, that runs his base pay to $20.8196 million, per the Rock Hill Herald. That's a lot for one player. The other options include signing a long-term deal, trading him or just letting him hit the market as a free agent and receive nada.

    Charles Chandler of the Charlotte Observer speculated that in order to sign Peppers to a long-term deal, the Panthers will have to make him the NFL's highest-paid player, with a deal that would average around $15 million per season. Compared to this year's franchise tag (and next year's and the year after that and so on), that's a bargain!

    In his last meet-and-greet with the press at the beginning of January, Peppers didn't have much of an update before speeding away in the Peppersmobile. But speaking to the Associated Press at the Pro Bowl this week, Peppers says he has no preference on what team he plays for in the future. "Anywhere is a potential landing spot," he said.

    Based strictly on need, the Jaguars, Patriots, 49ers, Seahawks, Eagles, Titans and Bears could show some interest if the Panthers don't lock him up. Then again, who wouldn't want one of the league's most athletic players anchoring their D-line?

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    Re: Rumors

    Boldin trade a certainty?

    12:11PM ET
    Anquan Boldin | Cardinals | Interested: Lions?, Patriots?,Buccaneers?, Jaguars?, Panthers?, Dolphins?, Chiefs?, Ravens?
    WRs possibly on the move

    We've been following the latest round of trade rumors related to Anquan Boldin, with the latest round referring to specific trade packages that might be offered (the asking price seems to be a second-rounder).

    But now that Kurt Warner has retired, the Cardinals' offense will certainly change. Daniel Jeremiah of tweeted: "I think the Cards will rely on Beanie and the run game more this year. Look for them to add a good TE too." If the Cards do adjust their gameplan to a more run-centric offense, do they really need Boldin? Maybe not, and so Warner's retirement might actually grease the wheels of a trade even more than they were previously.

    One team that has remained in the mix is the Patriots, although both Football Scientist KC Joyner and ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss think Bill Belichick and his crew will stand pat. Some other WR-needy teams that would make sense from a speculative standpoint are the Bucs, Chiefs, Dolphins, Jags, Lions, Panthers and Ravens.


    KC Joyner

    Pats might want to see what they have in Edelman

    "Boldin is obviously a talented receiver, but every study I have done on him over the years shows that he is a possession receiver. New England has an up and coming possession target inJulian Edelmanwhose metrics are quite comparable in many ways to Wes Welker's, so their interest in Boldin may come down to how much they believe in Edelman's ability to build on his impressive start."



    Mike Reiss

    Tough to see Pats trading for Boldin

    "I feel pretty confident that the Patriots wouldn't trade for [Brandon] Marshall because of off-field concerns. I'm not as sure on Boldin, although I feel pretty strongly that they wouldn't do it if it meant signing him to a lucrative extension. I think the Patriots will add some explosiveness to their offense through the draft and supplement in free agency/trades. I don't think there will be a big splash."
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    Re: Rumors
    Updated: January 31, 2010, 9:23 PM ET

    Sources: Peppers, Panthers not talking news services

    The agent for Carolina Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers is convinced the five-time Pro Bowl pick will play elsewhere next season.

    Carl Carey said Sunday night the Panthers have "not made a single inquiry this offseason" regarding the impending unrestricted free agent.




    "And we don't expect to hear from them," Carey told The Associated Press in a phone interview, setting the stage for Peppers to become one of the top defensive players to hit the market in years ahead of a potential season without a salary cap.

    Panthers general manager Marty Hurney didn't immediately return a phone message from The Associated Press seeking comment.

    League sources confirmed to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that the Panthers and Peppers have not engaged in any talks about a long-term contract extension.

    Hurney and coach John Fox went to great lengths to keep Peppers in 2009, going against his public wishes to be allowed to leave as a free agent. The Panthers used the restrictive franchise tag and paid him an NFL-high $18.2 million. That counts a $1.5 million bonus for making the Pro Bowl after he recorded 10½ sacks.

    Carolina is not expected to place the tag on Peppers this year -- not with the cost of it being over $20 million.

    Carey said he talked with team officials on the day of the regular-season finale against New Orleans on Jan. 3, then initiated contact with the team shortly thereafter.

    "They informed me they would make contact the following week," Carey said. "They never did. To date, we have still not heard from them."

    However, a Panthers official insisted this week they've made no decision about Peppers and his future. The Panthers said they soon will be talking with Carey.

    The Panthers have from Feb. 11 through Feb. 25 to designate Peppers as their franchise player.



    When Carolina placed its franchise tag on Peppers last season, it cost them $16.7 million, plus another $1.5 million that the defensive end earned for being voted to Sunday's Pro Bowl. For Carolina to franchise Peppers again this season, it would cost the Panthers over $20 million -- a 20 percent increase over what the defensive end last season -- plus another $1.5 million Pro Bowl bonus and another million-plus in playoff incentive bonuses.

    Signing the 30-year-old to a long-term contract could likely cost in upward of $15 million a year.

    "I think most people who have looked at the situation have understood the complexity of it for the Panthers," Carey said. "What I'm more surprised by is the silent treatment that they're giving Julius at this time. We have had a very respectful relationship with the organization and this is very much unlike what I'm used to seeing from them."

    The 6-foot-7, 283-pound Peppers, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2002 draft, has spent his entire eight-year career with Carolina. His 81 sacks are the third-most in the NFL during that span behind Miami's Jason Taylor and Dwight Freeney of Indianapolis.

    Peppers, who grew up in Bailey, N.C., and played in college at North Carolina, said last offseason that he wanted to leave his home state and play as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. Peppers skipped all offseason workouts, but had little leverage with the franchise tag and signed the one-year tender before training camp.

    He didn't miss a game or practice and seemed to warm to new defensive coordinator Ron Meeks' 4-3 system, lining up at different spots on the line. But in a brief interview after a Pro Bowl practice Saturday, Peppers acknowledged that, "I'm just trying to get on a team right now. I just want to get a contract."

    Carey said Peppers is willing to play in any type of defense next season.

    "He has indicated to me that he is open to hearing from the remaining 31 teams in the league," Carey said. "He is open to any defensive scheme at this point."

    Peppers took up 14 percent of Carolina's salary cap this season. That meant the Panthers had to find cheap labor in other areas and the special teams units suffered as Carolina finished 8-8.

    The Panthers may not have to worry about a salary cap in 2010 if a new collective bargaining agreement is not reached. But Carey believes the Panthers "have moved on."

    "He feels like he is just now entering his prime," Carey said. "He has an incredibly bright future ahead of him as he opens the next chapter of his life and his career."

    Information from ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter and The Associated Press was used in this report.

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    Re: Rumors

    Marshall-for-Quinn in the works?

    3:03PM ET
    Brandon Marshall | Broncos | Interested: Browns?, Buccaneers?,Dolphins?, Rams?, Cardinals?, Cowboys?, Patriots?, Bengals?,Seahawks?, Redskins?, Ravens?
    Destinations for Brandon

    We're still in the preliminary -- mostly speculative -- stages of the Brandon Marshall sweepstakes. Here's what we know: he's all but done for in Denver, as we continue to read things like this from Mike Klis of the Denver Post: "Today most likely is goodbye to All Things Brandon Marshall."

    OK, but where does he wind up? Any team could use a player as talented on the field as Marshall, but not every team wants to deal with the possibility of his off-the-field issues. We've speculated that the Pats and Cowboys would be two teams on the cusp of Super Bowl runs who might take a shot, and on Sunday, Klis added theCleveland Browns to the mix. Even more intriguing, Klis thinks that the trade could kill two birds with one stone: Get rid of Marshall and get a QB back, as he thinks the Browns could be interested in swapping Brady Quinn.

    While all of the trade scenarios have varying degrees of likelihood, NFL Insider Adam Schefter e-mailed in on Friday morning with the reason why we can all but eliminate certain teams from the rumor mill:


    Adam Schefter

    Return package too much for Brandon

    "Forget all the Rams-Bucs-Brandon Marshall trade talk. Barring the unforseen, it will not happen. The Broncos are going to put a high tender on Marshall -- probably a first- and third-round draft choice -- so any team that signs the Pro Bowl wide receiver will have to compensate Denver with the terms that the Broncos dictate. There's no chance the Rams are giving up the first pick in the draft for Brandon Marshall. There's no chance the Buccaneers are giving up the third pick in the draft for Marshall. Now if either of these teams can acquire another first-round pick later in the draft that it could trade to Denver, then maybe something could get done. But the chances of that happening are a long shot, at best. So when Marshall trade rumors continue to circulate -- and they should, Denver will look to trade him -- consider where the potential trade partner is drafting. If it's a high first-round pick, forget it; the trade is not happening."
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    Re: Rumors

    What is the "Two front-runners for Peppers" insider article about?
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    Re: Rumors

    I heard seattle and the 49ers are serious about Marshell, I think both are pretty close to making some noise. Yea seattle's record is chit, but theres enough talent there to make a quick turn around. And the 49ers are 1/2 solid players away from a playoff team, anything can/will happen once you get in. I cant understand for the life of me why more people arnt crazy about Marshell on the block/market. IMHO hes a top 3 receiver who can do everything and is only 26, Moss/Marshell/Edelman/Tate, that could be the best corp in the league. And god forbid we get a real tight end who actually performs tight end duties, like I dunno, going over the middle? Maybe Scheffler from Denver? Go get Marshell!!!
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    Re: Rumors

    Bills looking into Chambers?

    2:21PM ET
    Chris Chambers | Chiefs | Interested: Patriots?, Jets?, Ravens?,Panthers?, Bears?, Bills?

    After arguing that WR Lee Evans would "have huge numbers" if he were on an elite team, Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News argues that it would be sensible for theBuffalo Bills to take a look at unrestricted free agent Chris Chambers this offseason.

    Per Gaughan, Chambers could be a "one-year bridge," providing a nice complement to Evans for whichever QB winds up under center in 2010. Chambers struggled to open the 2009 season in San Diego, but after a move to the Chiefs, he enjoyed a nice renaissance, with 39 receptions, 608 yards and four TDs. Speculatively, the Ravens, Jets, Patriots, Panthers and Bears might also take a look.

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    Re: Rumors

    Tuna noncommittal on Taylor

    4:59PM ET
    Jason Taylor | Dolphins | Interested: Dolphins?, Patriots?

    Back in early December, there was word from the Boston Globe that the Patriots might make a play for Jason Taylor for 2010. The Globe's Albert Breer raised the flag for Taylor again this past week, bringing into play both the Pats' need for edge-rushers as well as the flux in Miami. Taylor has since stated that he's open to staying with the Fins.

    But the biggest fish down in Miami doesn't seem so committed. During a chat session on, Dolphins executive VP Bill Parcells was asked whether Taylor would be with the team next season. His response: "I don't know the answer to the Taylor question at this moment. He's a free agent as of March 5 and we haven't discussed it yet. We'll see where that goes when the time comes."

    If the Dolphins don't necessarily want him back -- we're not saying they don't, but that wasn't exactly a glowing review from the Tuna -- this would obviously increase the chances that he'll wind up in New England. On the other hand, perhaps the Pats will use some of their wealth of draft picks (they're got three second-rounders this April) to address their need for an edge-rusher.


    Tim Graham

    Taylor still has gas left in the tank

    "Taylor bounced back after a lost season with the Washington Redskins, showing he still has the ability to help a club on passing downs. He started 15 games for Miami, recording seven sacks, three forced fumbles and an interception."
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    Re: Rumors

    Will Vikes tag Chester?

    8:29AM ET
    Chester Taylor | Vikings

    The Minnesota Vikings are in an interesting bind with Chester Taylor. He's likely worth more to them as the change-of-pace back behind Adrian Peterson than he would be as another team's primary back, and they need to convince him to stay with them for that role while making it financially worth his while.

    According to Mike Wobschall of, the team "will do everything they can" for him to return in 2010, and that could include the franchise or transition tag. The relevant values for a franchise or transition RB for 2010 will be $8.156 million and $7.151 million, respectively.

    We checked in with Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders on whether Vikes might have serious competition for Taylor's services:


    Football Outsiders

    Success as starter elsewhere unlikely

    "Here's the complete list of 31-year-old backup running backs who went on to success as starters for other teams: [crickets chirping]. Yep, that's it. Chester Taylor already had his 'Michael Turner moment' in 2006. Nobody is clammoring for a 31-year-old back coming off two years of four yards per carry or less." - Aaron Schatz
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    Re: Rumors

    Two Front Runners for Peppers

    11:26AM ET
    Julius Peppers | Panthers | Interested: Packers?, Patriots?, Eagles?

    The Carolina Panthers are faced with a difficult question on defensive end Julius Peppers this offseason. If the Panthers franchise him (again) for 2010, that runs his base pay to $20.8196 million, per the Rock Hill Herald. That's a lot for one player. The other options include signing a long-term deal, trading him or just letting him hit the market as a free agent and receive nada. Beat writer Darin Gantt noted on Tuesday morning that there's a viable argument for each of the options.

    Following the weekend's developments, we speculated that the Jaguars, Patriots, 49ers, Seahawks, Eagles, Titans and Bears could show some interest if the Panthers don't lock him up. Gantt called the Eagles and Pats the favorites at this early juncture, but noted on Twitter that it'll likely take "a first and change" to land him in trade. Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution urged the Falcons to go after Peppers in a column published Sunday night, but this would likely only happen if Peppers were outright released.

    Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat wrote on Tuesday that the 49ers would be better off spending the money elsewhere. After all, in spite of no one player in double digits for sacks, the team finished tied for third in the league, with 44 sackes in 2009.


    Kevin Seifert

    What about the Pack?

    "Acquiring Peppers certainly wouldn't follow the Packers' recent personnel practices under general manager Ted Thompson. But last season, Peppers expressed interest in playing as a 3-4 linebacker. It's not often that a player successfully makes that transition in the latter stages of his career, but Peppers might be the type of exceptional athlete who could do it."
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    Re: Rumors

    One more team in on Foley?

    4:12PM ET
    Ricky Foley | Interested: Eagles?, Rams?, Patriots?, Jets?

    On Wednesday, we relayed word that the New England Patriots were eyeing the CFL's sack leader from this past season, Ricky Foley, as a solution to their pass-rushing woes. But apparently they're not alone.

    According to Foley's agency's Twitter feed, the 28-year-old Canadian-bred DE will also visit with the New York Jets and St. Louis Rams this week. Foley took Cameron Wake's spot for the B.C. Lions this past season, and also took over his spot atop the sack list. Wake had a promising season for the Miami Dolphins, finishing with five sacks.

    Update: ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss reports that the Philadelphia Eagles are interested, and hosted Foley for a workout on Thursday. Reiss also has word that "no deal is imminent at this point."

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    Re: Rumors

    Would Bears dangle Olsen for picks?

    11:34AM ET
    Greg Olsen | Bears
    TEs under Martz's guidance

    The Chicago Bears' hire of Mike Martz to run their offense means good things for Jay Cutler, Devin Hester, Devin Aromashodu, Johnny Knox and most of the other folks that either throw or catch passes for a living in Chicago. Most.

    The one major exception is TE Greg Olsen. Throughout his recent coaching career, Martz has been TE-phobic. During the "Greatest Show on Turf" days in St. Louis, there was Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Az-Zahir Hakim and also Marshall Faulk out of the backfield. Who was the tight end? No one remembers Ernie Conwell, and for good reason: he was an afterthought, used primarily for blocking, an area considered a shortcoming for Olsen. During subsequent stops, the evidence has been pretty damning of Martz's TE-phobia (see box at right).

    So what's the logical move? This is purely (some would say "wildly") speculative, but perhaps the Bears would consider trading Olsen. The team does not have a first or second round pick in April thanks to trades for Cutler and the late Gaines Adams, and some pretty great needs at other spots on the roster. One possible trade partner (again, speculative here) could be the Patriots, who may have a hole at TE with Ben Watson possibly leaving, and a nice stockpile of draft picks (including three second-rounders) that could be used in a trade for Olsen.

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    Re: Rumors

    Market wide open for Reggie

    10:40AM ET
    Reggie Bush | Saints | Interested: Seahawks?, 49ers?

    Reggie Bush's continued employment with the New Orleans Saints has been a major source of debate all season long by pundits and fans. We don't have anything concrete from anyone inside the organization, but there was thought earlier on that there was no way that the team would bring him back for the $8 million he's owed in 2010.

    If he's not -- and that continues to be a big "if" -- two NFC West teams might lead the charge in bidding for him. The first is the Seattle Seahawks; the Pete Carroll connection is obvious, but the team has a pretty big need for a versatile RB, as Justin Forsett seems to be more of a one-cut runner. In fact, Mel Kiper Jr. had them taking C.J. Spiller with a first round pick in his first mock draft. Spiller, like Bush, is a versatile speedster.

    The other possibility is the San Francisco 49ers. Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat notes that Glen Coffee did not fill a complementary role to Frank Gore this season, but instead was a similar runner. Maiocco writes, "It would fill a major need to get an elusive running back to play no more than a handful of offensive snaps a game while also taking over the punt- and kick-return chores." Who does that sound like? To be clear, we're being speculative with this, since teams are not yet allowed to discuss Bush because he is on another active roster. But you have to admit, it would make sense given that need.

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    Re: Rumors

    Nick...any updates?