This was typical of Jack Pardee's Oilers teams in the early 1990s.

The Pats inability to effectively run the football when in the lead, has become their undoing. Blowing a 34-21 lead with 4:07 left against a team that's been so-so in stopping the run highlights the importance of fixing this problem in the off season. When Morris went down their running game went with him. That he's been frequently hurt, is proof that he can't be counted on. This was a concern at the start of the season when they let Jordan go and picked up another oldtimer in Taylor, who's never been good in short yardage.

Since SB42, when the Pats face tough teams on the road and are on their heels, they fall back in the shotgun on every play. The shotgut is easy to defend. By the end of the Colts game, the Pats were on the shotgun on every down. Heck, even an Indy team that blitzes once every other blue moon did so with impunity once the Pats were in the shotgun.

Other problems:

Nick Kaczur had another tough time with Mathis. While every pundant sings the praises of Freeney, it's Mathis who comes through with the killer defensive play(s).

It would be interesting to see what the team does with him one Light returns. I say move him to Neal's spot. IMO, Nick just doesn't have the lateral quickness to play either tackle spot.

I've allways liked what I've seen from Vollmer in C-USA (Houston) and based on his play against Freeney, Sebass could become the best Pats OL since BA.

Well, I'm going to bed. As for the rest of the story, with apologies to the late Paul Harvey, don't get your hopes up. The 2009 Pats are a younger team in transition with serious chasm in their running game. Only 7 player remain, who donned a Pats uni in SB39.