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Rusty... I love you.

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    Re: Rusty... I love you.

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    The thing about Russ is that he is an I told you so kind of guy.  To the newbies it might feel like Rusty is sticking it to you when he says such, but after a while you learn to figure that Rusty doesn't stand for something.  He stands for everything and he comments every way on everything all the time.  So it is likely that he did tell us so.  Its also likely that he told us something entirely different as well. 

    It doesn't really create and credibility, but it is fun to watch. 

     I don't tell you one thing and then clain i said something else.  That only appears that way when trolls change one word out of my original opinion and frame it differently. I am not going to go over this again. Phat Rex does it, Mt Hurl, etc, and then Pezzy and Babe jump in.


    Just because you repeated a lie doesn't mean it's true, Goebbels.  That's trollwork and the board shouldn't tolerate trolls. You're a troll for example.

    I have to defend myself because when I offer my opinion originally it gets mocked. I've made a lot of unpopular statements on this board, but look how many times what I said was mocked, it came to be true afterwards.

    How about don't mock my very rational takes on things and maybe I won't need to say "I told you so"?


    Hey Dickey

    Nobody changes your words but YOU, after you finally figure out you are screwed.

    Sadly, this is probably the only place you can get that on a regular basis.  500 x's a month. LOL

    Try a girl!  It's more fun. You frustrated S.O.B

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    Re: Rusty... I love you.

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    700 club

    88 KEYS