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    ...I'm using this-  No, I'm just stealing this, it's too pretty & I just can't stop ticking down lists right off the top of my head, the amazing numbers of after-factory modifications... What I can do to supe it up, keep it as a classic (here), lower the body, raise it up- It amazes even me...

    "It's like watching a miracle unfold..."

    Finding a a tearing full-line euphemism like this which I can bend, reshape, & fasten into the sheer crazy number of scathing potentials from several directions...well- I don't think anyone has hit upon the full-breath of appreciation and value this phrase offers.

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    Re: Rusty...

    I dunno, Laz, I kinda get the same goosebumps from,

    "It's like watching Trump's hair."

    But that's just me.
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    Re: Rusty...