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Ryan Fitzpatrick?

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    Ryan Fitzpatrick?

    Depends on a few things occuring but, I think he'd be a great backup QB. If we trade Mallet then we obviously have to have a backup. Fitzy made mistakes in Buffalo but, the guy is a fighter and with the Patriots he wouldn't be put in a position to fail. 


    Would he play in a backup role? Well, I don't think any team wants him as a starter. 


    Would he sign? What would he want? I don't know but, if Mallet goes, we have to have someone. I've watched this guy, when he's in a groove, he can tear it up. He certainly wasn't intimidated by the Patriots. Not exactly a deep thrower but, within the Patriots scheme, that's a non-issue. 


    I like him. Plain and simple. 

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    Re: Ryan Fitzpatrick?

    Who is the most recent QB released by the Buffalo Bills?   Oh, this isn't Jeopardy?

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    Re: Ryan Fitzpatrick?

    The great thing about Fitzpatrick is he'll give you 3 TD passes in the 1st half.


    The lousy thing about Fitzpatrick is he'll give 4 INT's in the 2nd half.