Ryan Kerrigan or Aldon Smith

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    Ryan Kerrigan or Aldon Smith

    First time poster long time reader here! I am a season ticket holder in section 141 Row 6, The first row that stands and yells all game long!!! Pink Hat complainers in front of me from rows 1-5 and then the rest of us with raspy voices,since I think 1994, when Parcells came and live and die by the Pats. I love all this draft talk because of the Pats monopoly over the draft in 2011 and it sets up this team for the next 10 years. As I far as I can see the draft, first pick DE, hopefully JJ Watt second / third pick DE/OLB. My question to all of you draft guru's, if we had the opportunity for either Kerrigan or Smith, who would you pick? Thanks to all of you guys for the reading that you have given me over the last year on this site!!

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