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Ryan Mallett's trade value

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    Re: Ryan Mallett's trade value

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    End of the day, the kid's a pretty good prospect and the Pat's have little need to trade him. If another team offers them a second round pick? Belicheck would have to give it serious consideration. I'm pretty sure that Belicheck already know what the kids is capable of and he won't give the kid away if he sees that he's worth waiting for....

    1. What makes you think the kid is a good prospect based on what you've seen from him so far? The fact that he was a third round pick? If the Pats drafted Leinart in the first round and sat him, would you consider him a good prospect soley on the fact that he was a first round pick? It took him a while to beat out Hoyer for the 2nd QB spot

    2. If he is good, then the 2014 offseason will be really interesting if Brady does not retire. No way Mallett would resign here if he had to backup Brady more. You'd have another GB situation where half the fans and the team would be divided on whether Brady or Mallett should be the guy. Hopefully, if it comes to it, things end up the way it did for GB...and not like it did for SD

    He's a big armed kid that can make all of throws required of an NFL QB with good pocket awareness. 

    it wasn't that long ago when many people questioned Belicheck's sanity when he chose to stick with Brady, instead of going back to Bledsoe...I trust that Belicheck has seen enough of the kid and if he thinks the kid has the intangibles to be a starting QB in the NFL. he'll maximize his value by making sure to showcase the kid if indeed he want to trade him. Further not unlike when he made the switch to Brady, if and when the time comes when he sees Mallet as the future QB worthy of replacing Brady. he'll then try to maximize Brady's value like he did when he traded Bledsoe to the Bills for a #1 pick. 

    Two completely different situations. He went to Brady out of necessity and Brady happened to excel.  He switched to Brady because he won games and took the team to the playoffs. Mallett has done none of that yet.

    Unless Brady gets hurt and Mallett takes over, these are two completely different situations. All BB really has seem from him has been in practice.


    Again, this is more like the GB situation, where a team would make the switch to a QB who had 0 career starts. The only difference is Aaron Rodgers was a borderline top pick who dropped to the late first, while Mallett was a borderline 1st/2nd rounder who dropped to the third.

    And it means little to me that Mallett won the 2nd string QB position. Hoyer, Cassel and Rohan Davey have all held that title

    Clearly you've already arrived at a conclusion regarding Mallets current and future value...So it pointless for me to debate the merits of my argument. Belicheck know what he has in Malet and where he was drafted is irrelevant. What is relevant sis that if another team covets his skills and is willing to make the patriots an offer they can't refuse Belicheck would drive the kid to the airport. short of that he'll continue to challenge the kid to work hard and if and when his chance to play comes to make the most of it...

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    Re: Ryan Mallett's trade value

    not much