Tonight I watched a patriots team that looked nothing like it's old self. A Tom Brady that use to be the young stud to a seasoned veteran looking down and out. After the loss today I was not mad, I was more concerned on where the patriots future was. Brady has been king but the king seems to be getting older, slower, and not as much into the game as he was when he was just a nobody trying to prove to the world that the young kid out of Michigan was a diamond in the rough that comes around once in a blue moon.
When the pass hit Welker in the foot I thought.. what if this it for brady... what if this is the end... and the scary thing is, the pats do not have a future after brady at the qb postiion. What if Brady went down today? 
I am not going to sit here and be a homer fan and complain that they lost, I am just wondering what the future of the pats hold. Is our window closed? What is the direction of this team?
yes i am writing this a little buzzed and bitter but I just don't see the pats that I use to. The fire, the motivation, the will to win.. it just seems like "just a game" to the new era of the patriots team. 
What does everyone on the board think? The big question on my mind is what is missing? Look at tapes of Brady from his past superbowls (minus the giants bowl). He seems like a kid , fired up ready to win, ready to shove the ball downn everyones throat.. now I seem him ready to throw the ball down his teammates throat for a bad throw he sent their way. 

Anyways, just curious to see what everyones "true" feelings where about the directions the pats are going..