Safety Depth

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    Safety Depth

    With recent signings of veterans plays on the D-line, i think the Patriots should add some depth to Safety, adding some veteran guys who can help teach the youth and improve the secondary overall.

    Also what about signing Darron Sharper as depth at safety, i think he would be dangerous over the middle in sub-packages. He has playoff mentality and great leadership for the young guys in the secondary. plus it was only like 2 years ago that he 9 interceptions, so i think he could still be productive

    Also Lawyer Milloy, he was there for our superbowl championships, i think he would bring that lockeroom leadership and patriots way mentality to the team, he could contribute in sub packages, plus i don't it would be hard for him to pick up the system again, he would kinda be like Deon branch, starting where he left off.

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    Re: Safety Depth

    I agree . . . I like the idea of an experienced veteran to add depth. 

    Don't completely rule out one of the younger corners being moved to safety too--or even Arrington taking some snaps there.