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    Both games are great but this is the game I want to see.

    It features the two top-scoring offenses in the league this year, the oldest quarterback to start a conference title game, at 40 years and 106 days young, and the first conference championship game to feature a pair of passers who threw for 4,000-plus yards, 30-plus touchdowns, with a QB rating of 100-plus.

    The Vikings defensive line demolished Dallas last week, sacking Tony Romo a team-playoff-record six times.

    The Saints Darren Sharper had nine interceptions tied for the NFL lead, and he returned three for touchdowns. Plus he spent years practicing against No. 4, and he knows his tendencies as well as any other defensive back in the NFL.

    Sidney Rice, Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen.
    Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Jeremy Shockey.

    I don't have a prediction other than it will be a great game to watch.
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    Re: Saints/Vikings

    It seems like the games that look good on paper usually end up being lopsided. My gut tells me to go with the Vikings. But I am pulling for the Saints. If for no other reason than I hate Brett Favre.