Arizona: -$13.7 million (they’re over)
Atlanta: $7M
Baltimore: $13M
Buffalo: $23M
Carolina: $1.3M
Chicago: $23.5M
Cincinnati: $39M
Cleveland: $15M
Dallas: -$2.7M (they’re over)
Denver: $42.3M
Detroit: -$7.3M (they’re over)
Green Bay: $5.6M
Houston: $615,000
Indinapolis: $13.1M
Jacksonville: $34.5M
Kansas City: $22.3M
Miami: $9.8M
Minnesota: $24M
New England: $15.5M
New Orleans: $6M
New York Giants: $1.6M
New York Jets: $13M
Oakland: $640,000
Philadelphia: $13.9M
Pittsburgh: $1.8M
San Diego: $16.3M
Seattle: $27.7M
San Francisco: $20.7M
St. Louis: $9.8M
Tampa Bay: $44.9M
Tennessee: $25.1M
Washington: $16.4M

"(Note: This does not include any cap penalties against Dallas or Washington and does not account for releases and restructurings completed Monday. Those numbers will be figured in Tuesday, along with additional cuts and contracts.)"

So, we are sitting pretty with 15.5 million to use on FA's. 5 million will go to rookies, BB likes to keep a few million for in-season moves so we are looking at about 7-8 million that we can potentially use to get guys like Lloyd, Bryant, etc. Thoughts?