Salary Cap Space

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    In Response to Re: Salary Cap Space : hahaha hey there 'fellow' your 'opinion' was a sarcastic comment that you'd 'be sure to e-mail bill what we talk about here' if you want to post that garbage when we all enjoy talking here... its what a forum is for... then you might as well not show up get off your high horse and show you know a d@mn about the sport while not insulting those here who do... or don't show up at all tool
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    I'll be sure to clear all future posts with you in advance.  In the meantime KMA.
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    Re: Salary Cap Space

    They will need to upgrrade their D front 7. I do not see these DEs as long term answers due to age. There is also little depth. The Pats will need good DEs that can rush the passer and stop the run. The next Seymour would be a bit to ask for but they should be trying to get someone (draft or FA) who can put the  on their back at times. Similarly we need OLBs. Nink is doing a good job. Hard to be sure how much of an upside but I like him. I suspect IF the rest of the D is good enough he will be better than his raw talent. If the rest of the D is not his weaknesses will show up. I would like to see the next Willie McGinest. Again, maybe too much to ask for but that is what they should be shooting for, looking for.

    Of course safety and CB are always a need. Especially now.

    Connolly has been pretty good at C but he has had some bad games too. It would be nice to have a stud there. So upgrade to C would be very welcome. The otehr O issue is of course a #1 WR.

    I would like to see those spots filled as best they can. Last year BB upgraded the quality and depth at OT and OG and RB (Vereen, Ridley, Solder, Cannon). The year before he cover TE (Gronk, Hernandez and Crumpler). THis coming year maybe one or two of the DE, LB, CB, S, C, #1 WR issues. My hope is to start with the front 7 on D and then cover one or two of the others in draft or FA depending on best talent available rather than picking which position they wish to fill (for example get a really good safety instead of a half decent WR).

    And I never get tired of them trading up a round into the next year 9turnign a 3rd into a 2nd, etc). Also like the idea of giving up a 1st for two picks unless a critical player is available. That was how we got Gronk... and he is all world. Blocking, catching, yards after catch, attitude... safety net for Brady... especially when Welker is focus of D.
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    Re: Salary Cap Space

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    In Response to Re: Salary Cap Space : Agree. It would make sense with a rookie cap.  If there was a Suh in this draft, I would even argue to trade up with each 1st and then just pluck that team's 3rd rounder or something. If no slam dunk dominating presence like a Suh, then yeah, use each 1st rd pick now.  Might as well. I agree with those who say we'll need to invest in 4-3 DE. Safety is an obvious choice, as well as Center as well.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

    If there was a Suh in this draft he would be going top 3.

    Nobody gives up even a top 10 pick (and throw in a 3rd?) for 2 picks in the mid-low 20's.

    Last year we had #18 and one in the late 20's... that was fair value to move up to 9-10 and scoop up JJ Watt... which I would have done. (then drafted Ayers over Dowling and signed Asomugha)

    But no, not going to get a top 10 pick with our two 1sts.