Salary clarification question.

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    Re: Salary clarification question.

    I believe NE would be on the hook for what ever portion of the $32M is guaranteed or some sort of injury settlement.  Generally the full dollar amount of an NFL contract isn't guaranteed like MLB or the NBA.

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    Re: Salary clarification question.

    Key word is guaranteed money, a franchised tags guarantees them the average of the three highest (I believe) DT salaries so you are right he gets paid that amount regardless.

    In a long term contract, only the guaranteed money gets paid.  Take Hainsworth's contract of 100 mil, he won't see that unless he plays for the length of the contract (10 years i think which is highly unlikely) but his guaranteed money is in the neighberhood of 42 mil.
    That includes bonuses ect.
    Did that answer the question?
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    Re: Salary clarification question.

    Pats7393: First of all the most Wilfork would get if he was franchised has been reported to be 7 million,and as far as guarenteed money is concerned there is only the money stipulated in the contract as guarenteed,normally no team guarentees past the one year mark,though they do guarentee signing bonuses and front load the contracts a lot. However what you said about being on the hook for the final years of any long term contract is the exact same reason the Patriots have'nt jumped into the fire, where negotiating with vince is concerned.Thank God at least one professional sports league has a modicum of sense. If I were the GM of the Patriots I would consider trading Big Vince if a team could offer me the number of draft choices or players in return.