SAM MONSON:"Brady is no longer a top 5 qb (behind BIG BEN)..wins don't matter!" agree?

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    SAM MONSON:"Brady is no longer a top 5 qb (behind BIG BEN)..wins don't matter!" agree?

    almost did a spit take in my tea listening to this englishman give his jabro spiel on D and C this morning. said the mt. rushmore is now manning-rodgers-rivers-brees. feels brady is now firmly in the second level somewhere b/6-8 amongst big ben (ranked higher than tb) and russ wilson. his greatest disdain was about wins. feels tb should get little credit for those.

    was spot on about the bad OL and in analyzing how tb relied heavily on slotsluts and TEs under pressure. so let me get this straight, he no longer has wes or hs stid TEs and working with a shaky OL, yet he's shocked his stats and performance have suffered. tb can b as good as the oilder PM if he had the similar weapons.. period! would keep him on the mt. rushmore. better than brees, rivers and definitely the jabro raplisberger. rodgers and PM can have the nudge for now! he's far from washed up.. jeez!

    "Bringing Boston-Strong vodka to team-hating jabronis and da Comrade-Soft Kool-aid Party!"

    ..and that's da Bawston SPORTS bottom line for the Commy says so! COMMY COMMY COMMY COMMY COMMY CONTRARIAN, HE COMES AND GOES, HE COMES AND GOES...

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    Sam Monson is Rusty?


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    I respect Sam Monson's conclusions because, unlike most sports analysts and columnists, he didn't just toss out an opinion and instead uses numbers to back them up. But while numbers don't lie, people do. I doubt Monson has anything against Brady, but just because he uses stats doesn't mean his conclusions aren't still very much subjective. To be fair, that is often the nature of statistical analysis.

    I haven't read his piece, but from what I've heard, he puts a lot of stock in the 2013 Brady performing poorly under pressure. His argument is that Brady has had excellent numbers against pressure in the past, and the drop in those numbers this past season is evidence of his decline.

    Baseball is a sport where stats are very valuable and meaningful, because a play typically involves an one-on-one matchup between the pitcher and batter. Unfortunately, as we all know, football stats are borderline meaningless because each play is a complex 11-on-11. It doesn't make sense to put a lot of weight into comparing Brady's historical numbers under pressure with his numbers in 2013. His offense have changed (mostly for the worse), which introduces a lot of new variables that can account for the decline in numbers.

    So while Monson has his point, he is jumping to conclusions with the analysis that he's done. At most, he can say that Brady is no longer top 5 in the category of completion percentage while under pressure (and even that's up for debate depending on how he constructed that metric). To say that Brady has declined and no longer a top 5 QB is just a statistician being sensationalist. And while I applaud Sam's effort to use quantitative analysis and empirical evidence, I wish he would've left the exaggeration to the "experts" at ESPN.