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    Re: Sanchez

    Hard to envision Tebow anywhere but Jacksonville and the Sanchize has an awful lot of guaranteed money on his contract. If the new New Jersey (green) GM keeps Rex Ryan at the helm, we may yet not have seen the last of Marky Mark Jr.




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    Re: Sanchez

    Whatever happens with Ryan, New Jersey is looking disturbingly like the Minnesota Vikings of recent vintage, after the Tavaris Jackson Project flopped so spectacularly under the once and future Brad Childress.

    That is: A team with exactly zero NFL quarterbacks anywhere near its roster.

    I have to agree that leaving Ryan in place while you jettison your GM is, at best, a curious move, but no matter how we feel about Rex as a head coach, it's hard to oversell his value as a personality.

    And it we've learned anything at all about New Jersey (green), it's that actually winning football games is not necessarily the first priority on the list.



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    Re: Sanchez

    Well . . .  a nightmare is a kind of dream . . .   isn't it?

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    Re: Sanchez

    Speaking of nightmares being like dreams. Is their any chance that Sanchez becomes this century's Tim Couch/ Ryan Leaf? many fond memories.




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    Re: Sanchez

    Tebow is gone from NY. I do not know who in the NFL really wants him. Maybe he ends up in the CFL., Maybe he agrees to do what is actually best for him and he goes where he can ride the bench for 2-3 years while he TRIES to develop good mechanics.

    Sanchez is another story. While he has been Butt Ugly he is actually of "starting" caliber - maybe a bottom 6 or so but still at least "starting" caliber. There has been a lot said in NY of the fact the Jets do not have any supporting cast for him (especially with Homles injured - though I am no fan of this disruptive guy). And that is essentially true. But consider how bad the O line is. In fact I have beleived strongly since midway through 2011 season that it is there O line that desperately needed to be addressed first. And I was thrilled and shocked that they did nothing meaningful there between 2011 and 2012. Consider that in the game McElroy started they were sacked 11 times!!!!!!!!!!! With that sort of O line NO ONE can play the position well.

    While I hope Sanchez remains the Jets QB because I dont think he is very good, I would actually say that the priority of the GM should be FIRST to address the O line. And SECOND to bring on board a second TE - keeping Keller as a TE who is only a fair blocker but a good receiver and the new TE (via FA perhaps) as a good blocker with some pass cathcing skills. THe O line is an absolute requriement. THe TE is a recquirement if they want to be serious about ground and pound. The should also get an upgrade to their 3rd down back. These things their new GM should put ahead of what to do about Sanchez. If they can trade him for one of those pieces fine. If not maybe he should stay till they land a FA or draft a true long term option. But their FOCUS should be on the above. I for one hope their new GM gets caught up the the QB issue deeply enough that they are not able to address the O line or the blocking TE issues this year.

    And that does not beging to address their D needs (more building in the D line and rebuilding LBing unit and resigning or replacing safeties). One piece of good news is that,a s we all know, Sanchez cap hit will put them back some for one more year. And that is not on their new GM.


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    Re: Sanchez

    I don't know that anyone will ever be Ryan Leaf again, and no matter what you may think of Tim Couch, I think it's a bit much to put him in the Leaf category . . .  which should be a category of one.

    The thing about Sanchez is that he had the misfortune of being drafted way too high onto a team that was already pretty good. If Sanchez had been drafted later by some scrub team he would have sucked for a couple years and then been gone like any other Akili Smith or . . .   well . . .  Tim Couch. Sadly for the Sanchize, his team had both realistic expectations at the beginning and -- later -- the insupportable bravado of its coach. Ergo, it wasn't nearly enough for Sanchez to be a marginal quarterback who might get better. He had to be a good quarterback who might be great . . .  and he ain't close to any of that.

    But weep no tears for Mark Sanchez.

    He's got a ridiculous contract that makes him not only difficult to trade, but may allow him to double-dip -- a rarity among NFL contracts -- if New Jersey does the smart thing and releases him. He'll be an anonymous back-up on an anonymous team for a couple years and then we won't even notice when he's no longer in the league.

    Either that . . .   or I am entirely wrong.

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    Re: Sanchez

    Actually, I am hoping he has at least one more hurrah - as a QB for another team that goes to NY and beats the Jets in a huge shelacking.


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    Re: Sanchez

    maybe they'll keep him as #1 and we can witness this again