Sanders / Chung over McGowan

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    Sanders / Chung over McGowan

    It was reported that last week after the loss to Miami, McGowan was laughing, joking and cracking up in the locker room and generally breaking up the sombre mood and pissing everyone else off who were upset after the loss. Some had predicted that McGowan wouldn't see the lineup against Panthers because of that attitude and that came to pass as Sanders got his first start in ages and ended up with a team high 7 tackles.

    So question is, how long will McGowan remain in the doghouse?
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    Re: Sanders / Chung over McGowan

    As long as he plays like a dog and acts like he doesn't care.  McGowan has been a great find for the team, but his play has been uneven at best over the past 4 weeks or so.  Couple that with the disgraceful laughing in Miami, and he won't see the field much until he proves himself all over again.