Sanders' speed?????

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    Re: Sanders' speed?????

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    For 2.02 PIT could have protected with a 2nd rounder.

    For 2.9 a first.

    NE split the difference. If PIT wasn't worried about the cap, the 2.02 was a no-brainer, and the 2.9 likely.

    RFA tender source:

    They won't match. They gave him the lowest possible tender to keep him from flat-out FA, which probably made things difficult as-is. The extra 1.2 is likely back-breaking.


    As Prolate pointed out, Pitt may have done that specifically to lay the bait for someone to come in and give them something because they were going to cut him.   They need to make more cuts as it is.


    They're right up against the cap and need to get their rookies signed which is why they had to let Willie Colon go.  He's not great by any stretch, but their O Line has been so bad, he was their second best O Lineman (behind Pouncey).


    This is also a good theory.  It obviously makes sense that the Steelers should try to get something for him if they were thinking of possibly cutting him.  They also had to know that the Pats were in need of wideouts.  

    So who is playing who here?   Or, are both teams in on this together to some extent?

    I know Sanders isn't great but he would probably be the best all around receiver on the team except for Amendola as it stands right now.  Not including Hern and Gronk ofcourse.

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    Re: Sanders' speed?????


    I'd imagine BB is thinking of a less squiggly, but slightly faster Branch. A kind of jack-of-all playmaker. 

    If he is running desinged routes around the big TEs that actually put him in cleared space, or get him isolated against a CB or S, he could be much better than what he was in Pitt, where he ran routes underneath Wallace almost exclusively and was used to pull people off of the deep routes. 

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