Sapp is a terrible person...simply a bad human

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    Re: Sapp is a terrible person...simply a bad human

    But Del, the only thing Sapp was commenting on was (incorrectly) that Marshall didn't realize what Shannon Sharpe had done in Denver, and how bad that is given he PLAYED in Denver, and that "players today" have no respect for the history of the game.

    He wasn't commenting on Marshall as a person, or as a football player, just that he had no respect for the history of the game. At least, that's the part I'm aware of.

    -The fact that Sapp mixed up the two Sharpe brothers while saying anyone else had no respect for the history of the game is laughably ignorant.

    No, Sapp doesn't beat women...he simply impregnates them and then leaves.

    I don't think Marshall deserves anyone to dismiss his problems, I gave my "one man's opinion" on it, but I know I'm not in the majority there. The guy has definitely had some problems, but never once has he simply gone out of his way to try to injure someone as Sapp has. Marshall has held himself accountable after the fact, also something Sapp has never done. In Marshall I see someone who has definitely made some bad mistakes, but also someone who is trying to improve himself, learn from those mistakes, and move on from them. Sapp regards himself as the greatest thing since the forward pass, and sees nothing wrong with anything he's done. Not publicly at least. When people admit their mistakes, seek help, and try to improve themselves, I'm willing to give them a chance. Sapp has a history of running his mouth, trying to hurt at least one person, and never apologizing for any of it.

    Once upon a time, maybe Sapp and marshall were two peas in a pod. Not anymore though. Marshall, though ten years younger, has shown a lot more maturity than Sapp ever has.

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