Sarah Palin and Favre

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    Sarah Palin and Favre

    How did the press get so lazy? Recession,bankruptcies,riots overseas,but we have to watch two has beens go through the agony of defeat.
    Despite the protestations,the media superstars enjoy sitting in Alaska in the summer or outside Brett's mansion for the duration.
    If you recall the OJ Case the cameras,trucks and equipment got so crowded they had police run banners over whole blocks.Evidently the news business now relies on massive amounts of blather about nothing.
    Of course, when Oprah becomes an intellectual expert,critic, and wiseperson,you know the television and print media have lost their ability to be critical.Money talks and good restaurants and hotels create  too tempting hangouts.
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    Re: Sarah Palin and Favre

    It's not the media that is lazy.

    It's us, by and large.

    When the people demand bread and circuses, bread and circuses are what they get.

    You could argue that a large segment of the population is borderline retarded because the mass media continually feeds it generous doses of tripe; or you could argue that the moribund majority will not stand for anything that challenges it intellecually.

    Either way, the right side of the equation is the same.

    If enough people insist that two plus two equals five, who are you to say it doesn't?