savvy BRADY channels his anti-AMENDOLA as he stands there at a charity event+responds to his CRITICS!

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    savvy BRADY channels his anti-AMENDOLA as he stands there at a charity event+responds to his CRITICS!" rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow">


    the jabros have said it doesn't matter whether he wins games.. but TB makes it clear he doesn't think about mount rushmores or individual stats, just what is best for the team. he's proud of his wins and percentages.. that's all that matters!  could care less about decline talk, 148 wins in 191 career starts and is poised to pass the magical 150 mark after 2 games this year. here's something his jabro critics conveniently ignore:

    He posted the sixth-best Total QBR in the fourth quarter in 2013 (75.5), his best mark in the last four seasons (since 2009) and sixth best in the NFL last season. 

    best quotes by TB:


    "I think some individuals compete against other guys and some compete against themselves," he said. "Even if you don't have someone you're competing against, if you're the type of person that competes against yourself, you're always going to get better because there is always competition."


    "The guys I've been around that find ways to do that, find ways to motivate themselves, those are the best players. They don't have to wait for a Sunday in September to figure out if they're competitive. You figure that out in March. You figure that out in February, at the end of February when no one else is really working. The competition you have, and what's inside you, and how that is going to really help your team and build your team to be more competitive. That's all infectious."


    "Hopefully I'm answering those questions a long time from now too, and you guys can just reprint the stories or whatever you want to write now," (pertaining to his elite status)


    now is it all going away, the jabros and his critics? no.. but its out there on the record, rinse and repeat.. he stood there and answered everything the best way he could. this is y TB is going to b a major politician someday! clearly he's heard the whispers and the megaphones. rather than deny the clutter and noise and let it sneak in come August or September, just stand there and man up and take everything as its thrown to you, a la BB with Hernandez last year. go once, no need to keep doing it.. just say "I already answered that stuff, go check the record, I'm in the moment, time to move forward for this team, let the record this year speak for itself, c ya jabbies! "hope Amen took note of how its supposed to be done! 




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    Re: savvy BRADY channels his anti-AMENDOLA as he stands there at a charity event+responds to his CRITICS!

    You're correct on this one Commy. TB is a great example of how players should address the media. He gives a direct, contrite answer and then buries it. If it's brought up again, he calmly explains his response is already on record, refer to that statement. 

    Brady is correct too. Wins are what matters. No one outside of NE knows TB's record stats for the 07 season, but everyone remembers he lost the SB. Go Pats!