SB 46

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    Re: SB 46

    In response to RockScully's comment:

    Cover their aszses?  Baltimore blew a 28-6 lead and then got lucky by a deer in the headlights QB!


    Neither D covered either offenses's butt. Not even close!

    GL stop, fumble recovery, pick, st score.  Recievers with 100% completions.

    That's covering azzes.

    Something the Pats D never does.  Funny how you said the Pats D bailed out the O in the ONE game they stopped a TD when they were about to blow the lead AGAIN!!!  One game out of 14 play-off games since 2007.  PFFTT

    Guess it only counts when the Pats D does it once in a blue moon and still it took Billy Cundiff to seal the deal.  Ridiculous!

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    Re: SB 46

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    In response to pezz4pats's comment:


    In response to redsoxfan94's comment:


    In response to pezz4pats's comment:


    In response to redsoxfan94's comment:


    In response to pezz4pats's comment:


    In response to redsoxfan94's comment:


    In response to pezz4pats's comment:


    In response to redsoxfan94's comment:


    In response to pezz4pats's comment:


    In response to redsoxfan94's comment:


    In response to pezz4pats's comment:


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    In response to pezz4pats' comment:


    In response to redsoxfan94's comment:


    In response to RockScully's comment:


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    Why the f are people still talking about this game?  Jesus christ it was 2 years ago.


    So much so that no Defense in the history of the NFL has ever done that before.

    Glad u  & useless liked it.

    I was comparing it to the SB played the other night.  I was noting how well our D played, holding to 13 points with Edelman at CB, Moore at lead CB, etc, and how impressive that actually was, as they waited for our offense to do anything, even get a FG.


    I hadn't seen the highlights put together by NFL Films until yesterday. When seeing the SB Sunday night, with each D being absolutely toasted and each praised by the media, I sytarted the thread. Zolak's on air comments about Welker's catch also mirror my analysis and I have a lot of respect for Zolak's opinions.

    Also, Babe started saying that Welker is a "gimmick" player as a way to deflect from Brady's high, poor throw to the wrong shoulder.

    It's to show how our D didn't lose that SB last year. It wasn't two years ago either. Last year is last year.

    I am VERY proud of how that 2011 D played in SB 46. It would have gone down as one of BB's most masterful coaching jobs, and we know how long that list is.




    agreed, what the pats D did against that powerful giants D to keep it a game, was nothing short of incredible.



    Yup those zero 3 & outs and Zero 6 & outs and zero turn overs and 5 minutes on the field on average for their 8 possession game was nothing short of miraculous.


    So much so that no Defense in the history of the NFL has ever done that before.

    Glad u  & useless liked it.



    Post Brady's AFC title game stats since 2007.




    Don't need to, because I'm sure the sorriest Defense to ever be carried in a NFL championship game, was much much worse.


    Did you see the Ravens D get a pick to help their QB get 7?

    Did you see the special teams score 7?  Instead of giving the O one of the worst starting averages in NFL history.

    Did you see the goal-line stand to preserve the narrow lead, after Flacco couldn't score in the second half, and win the game?  Their second half that just happened to have 1 less possession than the Pats O had in the whole F"N SB......  BOTH F"N SB's??????

    That's what a championship D does, they help their O.

    That's what a championship TEAM does, they help each other.

    If you add up all the zero's the Pats D had, you still get zero.

    You seem to be very confused. 

    Flacco didn't win that game, he had a whole lot of help.

    TB didn't lose those games, he had a whole lot of help.

    Would the Pat's have won with a pic and a KR to the house and or a single GL stand?

    Would they??????   Answer the question.  It requires a yes or a no and doesn't require you talking about any pink things or any ones education or job or how much money they make or ball washers. 

    Just answer the question or STFU because if you can't honestly answer that EASY question, you are nothing but a Brady hatin troll.  Case closed!

    Same goes for you, crusty jr.


    hmm, you didnt post the stats



    i wonder why?

    Your BFF already has many times and the stats just support what I just said.

    It's not on one man and if you and your BFF, FB  can't see that then you just can't see anything.

    How many picks did the D get in the SB yrs again?  How many returns to the house?

    How much help did they give TB and the O?

    Where has that been for the past 6 years?  HMMM???

    Answer the question or shut it!  Easy question.  "Would the Pats have won both SB's with a pic or fumble recovery, KR to the house and an ending drive gl stand?"  All they needed was ONE of those.   Flacco got all three.   Total failure!




    yea flacco got an int from his defense because kaepernick threw the ball right to reed, and lamichael james was just begging for that ball to be punched out. as far as jones goes, yes hes a freak and the pats could use a returner like him obviously....but all the pats offense had to do was score ONE td in the final 20 minutes of the game and they would have won, just ONE td in more than a quarter from an offense as dynamic as the pats? that should have been easy. they didnt score, so they lost.



    Just answer the question?  Would the Pats have won with a fumble recovery, pick, a st return and or a gl stand?  It's not hard.  You can do it.  Yessssssssssss or nooooooooo?


    How many points did Flacco score in the WHOLE 7 Possession half?

    How many did TB score in the WHOLE 4 possession half?

    Should have bee MORE easy for FLacco with 3 more tries?  Guess he sucked too.

    Should have been easy for the Pats D to get one flippen t/o, they averaged 3 a game.  1 pick is one play, not 92 yards and 12 plays.  Easy Peazy!

    So, yes or no?


    you are literally too dumb to respond to. you just said its easy to force turnovers in a playoff game....little do you know that not every qb is out there forcing throws into tight windows and risking int's all the time like brady does in the playoffs. eli was playing well at the time last year and the defense kept him in check for almost all of the game and kept giving the offense chance after chance after chance to build the lead and they never did. as far as the afc title game this year goes, the offense might as well have stayed in the locker room at halftime, because they did absolutely nothing in the 2nd half



    UMMMMM.. you just said it was easy to score TD's in a play-off game.  Which is harder a single pick or a 90 yrd TD?  


    Flacco's old and tired D got a goal line stop, a pick and a fumble recovery.  How hard could one of those be for a young, totally rebuilt, and exiciting D?  (finger in mouth gagging)


      Will you ever answer a question????????/



    how hard would it be? it would be easy for them if brady was throwing against them in tight windows, but they were playing against flacco who was playing well.....applauding the ravens defense for their effort is just laughable....did the ravens deserve to win? yes, they outplayed the niners, but on that last drive....i mean cmon, its not hard to stop a receiver from scoring if you are bearhugging him his whole route.



    Flacco didn't score a TD in his last 7 possessions.  His ST sure did though.  His passes were all over the place and his recievers went up and got them.  He also got a big gift when the SFD forgot to touch the guy who got up and scampered to the ez.


    Quit making excuses for the other teams.  Just answer the question, yes or no.

    BTW, if the Pats D didn't blow the lead TWICE in the first Balt game, they wouldn't have even been there.   So you could say the Pats D lost the  SB 15 games earlier.

    Yes or no?


    that last sentence is just ignorant because you dont know that the pats would be in the super bowl anyway.


    also, yes they would have won if the defense scored a td, but thats so easy to say in any close game. what is ridiculous is the fact that our offense couldnt score for the final 20 minutes of sb 46 and for the whole second half of the ravens game....and its not like the ravens defense were world beaters out there against the 49ers....kaepernick abused them in the second half. you see, kaepernick is a first year starter, and he showed more balls than brady did, and brady has been in the league since 2000. how can a first year starter be more comfortable in a big game than tom brady?


    Flacco and kaepernick both have teams that can cover their azzes when they falter.  They BOTH faltered for a half, flacco in the second and Kap in the first.  What did they both score in those halfs?  6 points?????


    Well guess what TB scored 7 in his half of his SB and nobody had his azz, whereas in the SB years, he always had help.

    Balt would not have won the SB if the D didn't blow TWO, TWO SCORE LEADS in the first game.  There's no guarantee the Pats would have won it but the RAvens sure as he11 wouldn't have.  That's for dam sure. 

    They are the team that knocked them out you know.  Couldn't have done that if they weren't there.  RIGHT?


    the niners covered kaepernick's a.zz by allowing 21 points by halftime?


    and no, the ravens couldnt have knocked them out, but how do you know the pats would have beaten the broncos? you dont.

    Pay attention. the niners O & D covered Kaps azz when the scored in the second half and held Flacco to 6pts.  Both offenses and D's contributed, in a comeback to almost win.  Both QB's had bad halves and both D's had good halves.

    The Pats had the lead, they didn't need a comeback but some help with scoring, fumble, pick, KR, would have sealed the deal as well as not letting ELI march down for a 90 yrd td.

    Can you imagine the sick feeling in TB's gut every time his D gives up the lead in the last few seconds?  It gives me ulcers, I can just imagine what he feels.  OH, F, Here we go again!  All that work down the hopper!  Over and over and over and over AGAIN! 

    Would that instill confidence in you when it's all for not since 2006?

    Never said TB was outstanding in all games, that's extremely hard.  But it's more than hard when you can't rely on the rest of your team to cover your azz.

    Sort of like when he told all the season ticket holders how greatful he was for them and they are the 12th man, bla bla bla...... as they boo and bash him for not scoring 40 points every game.  

    Well, some of us still have his back.  Sorry if you and your partner don't.  It's your loss.

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    Re: SB 46

    In response to RockScully's comment:


    Just watched SB 46 highlights:

    To think this D allowed  1 TD in the first half and 2 FGs total in the 2nd half, with the offense not doing anything else after the Hernandez TD, it's stunning that some here still think what we saw yesterday in the SB was better from either D than our own.

    Wilfork just up and down the sideline "saying make em kick FGs, fellas".  Yep.

    NE had the momentum until the Brady INT, and finally the Welker drop.

    "How about a 7 minute drive and end it on out terms." - Tom Brady

    "Ball was high and to the outside. It turned him to the outside." - Analyst, Scott Zolak




    Admittedly, I never thought of it that way before, especially considering how blistering hot Brady was earlier in that game, and the negative stigma associated with the recent PAT's D; however, you DO have a point; regardless, on the PAT's side of the ball,  I would blame Welker's drop more than anything else