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    Patriots Hall of Fame?


    Despite the parts, the Patriots have fielded a top 10 Oline the past 10+ years. Considering Brady's style, Brady may not have been Brady without Scar.


    You see teams like Pitt, GB and Chicago who seem to routinely get their QB gotta wonder what Scar's Patriots and NFL HOF credentials are

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    Re: Scarnecchia

    Scar is the best at what he does. So yeah. No one coaches up their O Line better than Scar.

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    Re: Scarnecchia

    Hes does it every year no matter who's injured or who leaves. They just don't miss a beat. This preseason was an example of why we can't question the line until the real season starts. They have been playing better every week. He should be in the Patriots hall of fame.

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    Re: Scarnecchia

    In response to Neal Page's comment:

    I said this before and was called a homer...Not only is he an unequivocal lock for the Pats HOF, but he's the best O Line coach ever and I really think should be considered for the HOF itself for these reasons (if he gets another ring):

    1. 6 SBs with 6 different O Lines.

    2. 3 Rings, hopefully more.

    3. The responsibility of coaching players who protect Brady.

    4. The salary cap means he has to coach more players than any O Line coach would have in the pre cap era.  If Joe Bugel, for example is the great O Line coach barometer or the guy from Dallas in the 1990s, what does that say about how many different O Line combos Scar has HAD to create here?

    5. The RBs here, while a vast array of skill sets and talents, have been their best here v.s. anywhere else, minus Corey Dillon.


    If Dick LeBeau got in for being a coordinator and being a good player, I think Scar needs consideration. I don't care if no positional coach has ever gotten in. It's time one has.

    No doubt! He's got to be a lock.