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    Re: Schaub=Johnson=Foster=Overrated!

    I don't know about being overrated, but the Pat's experience and solid game game plan sure took 'em to school last night. If these two teams meet in the playoffs, I suspect the game will be a bit closer.

    Believe me, nothing would please me more than another blowout, but the Texans will make adjustments.

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    Re: Schaub=Johnson=Foster=Overrated!

    Is it overrated or are the Pats so damn good it makes them look overrated?

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    Re: Schaub=Johnson=Foster=Overrated!

    The Texans obviously didn't come to play leaving their best in Houston, did make a lot of bonehead mistakes, etc but the Pats deserve credit for a lot of it as they completely out played Houston in every facet of the game. As for Houston being over rated. No, they are a very good team which had a lousy game. All that being said it was only one game. If they face Houston again it might and probably will be a very different game. 


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    Re: Schaub=Johnson=Foster=Overrated!

    You are fooling yourself if you think Johnson or Foster are "Overrated" Schaub is certainly no scrub either. You don't get to 11-1 being "overrated".

    The Texans had a bad game, while the Pats were firing on all cylinders. I guarantee the results will be a lot closer if we meet them again this year.



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    Re: Schaub=Johnson=Foster=Overrated!

    True, the Pats looked awfully dominant in the game last night.  For Houston, a case of a better team stepping up while they didn't.  But, one game is not the measure to use.  Would we want to use the games the Pats had against the Cardinals, Seahawks and Ravens as measuring sticks and therefore say they are overrated?  I think not!

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    Re: Schaub=Johnson=Foster=Overrated!

    Last night I think shook Houston.   it's always been they can't win a playoff game. Now it's they can't win the big game. Welcome back 66 

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    Re: Schaub=Johnson=Foster=Overrated!

    riiiight.  Sorry, but if one's record is 11-1, now 11-2, that makes you over-rated?  Patriots were definitely better yesterday, for one game.

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    Re: Schaub=Johnson=Foster=Overrated!

    No doubt every member of the Colts was watching how the Patriots obliterated the 'mighty' Texans.  Let's just hope that they have the personnel to implement the 'blueprint for destruction' that was so vividly presented to them. 

    If Luck has one of his better games, he and his offensive sidekicks should be able to decimate the Texans' secondary.  The more important question is whether the Colts' defense can contain Schaub, Foster, Johnson & company.

    A Colts' win would put the Patriots in the cat-bird's seat for the #1 seed. 

    I never thought I'd ever say it, but GO COLTS.