Like the Pats or not, let's see if we can agree on these points:

The Pats D is so complicated even the veterans need to stay sharp on it.
It is so complicated that players signed as free agents or traded for often cannot pick it up quickly and sometimes cannot pick it up at all.
Belechick is an above average defensive coach.
The Pats defensive talent is, at worst, average when compared to other teams.
The Pats defense is not a 'show stopper', elite D, or anything close.

That being said I struggle to understand when I watch teams like the Jets, Ravens, Steelers, etc. bring pressure on a play by play basis when the Pats can't seem to bring any pressure on a regular basis. These other teams do not have a reputation for "complication" relative to their strategies yet they are known for shutting folks down with their defense.

With all the coaching expertise, complex schemes, and at worst the same level of talent as most other teams, why does our scheme seem to be so inept in the "Pressure" department?