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Schiano and TB Staff To Visit

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    Re: Schiano and TB Staff To Visit

    More teams SHOULD look to the Pats for advice. They have an Owner/GM/Coach/President Trio (Kraft J, Kraft R, Belichick B) that has been in place for 13 seasons. No other team comes close to that.

    Imagine a first time GM who is hiring a first time Head Coach...I'd expect their lack of experience alone could cost actual games on the field.

    Belichick is that MASTER of the minutiae. He overlooks nothing. I think that, alone, helps make every single assistant who passes through NE very valuable.

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    Re: Schiano and TB Staff To Visit

    In response to sportsbozo1's comment:

    In response to bostatewarrior's comment:


    Yeah, I understand that it's just coaches.  I meant that it's a continuation of an established professional relationship.  


    nice helmet! I'm headed over to Tampa tomorrow for the Comencement Ceremonies! PorkChop's probably wishing he stayed back at the University of South Florida.


    enjoy!  I'm working in SW Connecticut.  Im going home for a visit in a few weeks.  I probably be here to go to Foxboro in the fall.