Contract numbers are coming out and this looks like the best signing by the Pats to date. Pro bowler in the prime of his career, with $$$ assumed to include playing time/games played bonuses and pro bowl nomination bonuses. 

Hard to predict the actual cap hit yet, but looks like year 1 cap hit starts at $3.25m, with $2m of that being prorated bonus and $1.25 being base salary

word of caution....we have generally assumed that the Pats will "carry over" approx $5m in cap space for in season signings or carry over $$$ to next year. We may have to assume a higher number as any bonus or incentive ached after the season gets factored into the equation. Example, if Vollmer is nominated to the pro bowl, he gets a $1m bonus which is counted against the cap number. 

As t he Pats sign older players or injury concern players, and these addendums become more prevalent, we may see the Pats reserve $3-$3.5 for the few draft choices they have this year, and carry instead of $5m they carry $7m. 

I saw the Pats cap number at approx $10.9m...and based on rookie and carry over needs, they may be finished unless other salary moves are made on Fells, or Vince is extended.