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    I have trouble believing a Pete Carroll coached team will ever be disciplined enough to win it all.  Could be wrong, but I don't see it.  

    Besides the Seahawks have trouble winning away from the Noise Dome where they play . . . 

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    In response to BostonProSportsLover's comment:

    even if they somehow outbid us for eddie reed, still not buying them beating the seachickens. those guys are loaded with serious cohesive weaponry from top to bottom. they can withstand injury from qb to rb to receiver to defense, u name it. drafted very well. percy harvin > boldin.. does a lot more in other phases of the game as well. very versatile team. plus russ will > colin k. teams will catch up to the k. the man cant read defenses and only throws when his guy is clearly open rather than throwing him open or to a spot as 99% of top nfl qbs can. he can be tricked and got. there will be a regression. i see seattle dominating the conference and going 14-2.

    Seachickens? listen to too much Colin Cowherd  :  )

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    so I was at a party and a few drunk Seahawks fans started talking football with me (I live in Seattle), the Packers game comes up and they were defnding that the right call was made 100%, no doubt about it. At this point the argument was almost getting heated. Then they started to completely dismiss SF after I predicted the Niners would go 13-3 or 14-2 next year. All of this is before the Harvin or Bouldin deals. They were suggesting Kappernick was not even a good QB and that the Seahawks offense was much, much better than the Niners. It's funny to me because out here the expectation is the the Seahawks will WIN the Supebowl next year. I still say that if the Niners trade for's over for everyone.