Sealver Siliga - another proof that BB is the best GM

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    Re: Sealver Siliga - another proof that BB is the best GM

    BB is a great GM and an even better coach, but let's not get crazy.  Sometimes he knocks it out of the park, and sometimes he whiffs badly.  When he gets it right we turn into his disciples and come with soft chants and filled with awe of our lord and savior.  When he gets it wrong we come as a pack of hungry piranha and pick the meat from his bones. 


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    Re: Sealver Siliga - another proof that BB is the best GM

    BB was waiting in the weeds all year for just the right time to pull the trigger on this one....genius.

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    Re: Sealver Siliga - another proof that BB is the best GM

    In response to neinmd's comment:

    An NFL GM's job includes: draft management, trades of picks and players, free agent acquisition, personnel management, college and pro scouting, contract management, cap management, player development, and managing medical/training/legal/financial/administrative functions, among other roles. Perhaps Bill has not met his own lofty standards in draft management, according to some, but his overall job rating as a GM is very high. My guess is that 31 other teams would fire their existing GM and coach to get BB as a combination GM and coach.

    Great post.  

    I would add that NO general manager is infallible when it comes to drafting talent.

    Also it says something that Siliga was a member of all these really good organizations.  For all those who think that practice squad players must all stink and that's why they're on the practice squad take note, sometimes it's simply because the guys in front of you on the depth chart are really good.

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    Re: Sealver Siliga - another proof that BB is the best GM

    In response to Paul_K's comment:

    BB never assumes that he has taken his perfect player.  He picked up Soap too, for a seventh rounder.  Soap wasn't as good.

    BB is distinguished by the sheer number of players that come through Foxboro.  Bad ones get cut in about three days.  Diamonds in the rough, or more likely zircons, get saved, and many of them blossom.  The other coaches haven't figured this out, for some reason.

    This year's winner is the Jeff Demps for Blount trade.

    Exactly paul. He would rather invest 10 million into 10 different players where he will almost certainly find an impact player or 2 or 3, then 10 million into 1 player who has as much of a chance for failure in his system. BB the coach values undrafted off the street FA's as much as 1st round draft picks, because none of them have shown anything on the field. The best man will win the job. He establishes his core, and the rest are interchangeable.  

    Other coaches cannot afford to live by this philosophy as most of them are under pressure to win now, and  they will go down with the guys they drafted even of they dont flourish. They are staking their careers on them. We dont need our guys to perform right away. We give them a 2 year audition and why wait much longer as you have 10 to 20 guys to look at next year, and you are going 12-4 every year? 

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    Re: Sealver Siliga - another proof that BB is the best GM

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    In response to TSWFAN's comment:

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    Lets not get carried away here. Seal is a nice find, just what the team needed at the 11th hour after the Soap swing and miss. But Seal is not a pro bowl player. He is a guy that is big and strong enough to fill 2 gaps most of the time. Truly serviceable, but I am thinking Kyle Love but younger and cheaper. Seal could be a nice rotational player next year for this team, maybe. He was released by 3 other teams that do not play 2 gap because he simply was not better than what they had. I would assume if Vince works out his financials, Kelly comes back heathy and Armstead comes back healthy, that the Pats still draft a DT in rounds 1-3. IMO that puts Seal on the bubble of the roster   

    I think he is a roster lock..  but we'll see

    if you think he is a lock, let me ask you;

    -do you think Vince is back?

    -do you think Kelly is back?

    -Armstead i under contract next year, do you think he plays?

    -do you think the Pats draft a DT in rds 1 thru 3? and do they cut that draft choice after preseason?

    -do you think the Pats keep more than 4 DT's

    -who stays between Seal, Jones and Vellano?


    VW back but maynot be ready to go at the start

    Kelly, probably back

    Armstead, who knows if he plays. Could be cut

    Pats do not draft a DT 1-3 unless he is a lock and you won't get one where they are drafting

    They keep 4 DTs.... but use temporary IR

    Seal AND Jones stay.  V CUT