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Sean Springs?

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    Sean Springs?

    Just curious...anyone hear anything about him? I was under the impression that he was an important pickup in the offseason, but he hasn't seen much time on the field...anyone know if he's been hurt, struggling, anything?

    I like Willhite, but with his recent struggles...maybe he's another year away...and you would think that Springs is someone who should be able to help out that secondary, no?

    I live in PA so maybe I've missed some news. Anyone?

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    Re: Sean Springs?

    Shawn Springs has practiced but has consistent knee soreness. He has been listed as probable but then has been inactive on game day.....maybe this week he gets out there.

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    Re: Sean Springs?

    Thanks Harley, that would explain it then! I guess we'll see. I think he could help them out if he can get some game time before season's end and then have him, and hopefully Fred Taylor too, ready to go for the playoffs! Go Pats!

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    Re: Sean Springs?

    I wouldn't expect Springs to be much of an upgrade. That is if he ever sees the field. There were many reports early on saying Wilhite has surpassed him on depth chart due to superior play and practice. Also, his knee of course, which I believe has held him out of games for the past few years.

    He may come in and surprise, just do not get your hopes up is all.