Frankly I see alot of OMFG TRADE BRADY on here. I find it ironic that your are the same people who predicted that the Pats were done before the season during training camp. Brady didn't play all that well but who did?

Ultimatley though it came down to the coaching. The fake end-around to HB screen ahs never worked for the past four years. The fake punt (WHY??? You get the ball in 2nd half). The awful playcalling. Normally Im a Trust-in-Bill type of guy, but I have no problem in critizing his decisions after this game. HOWEVER: That does not mean I believe we should fire the guy. This guy gives New England the best chance to win a Super Bowl, bar none. But everyone ahs their bad days, and this was one of em.

On the positive side look at this. If someone told you that the pats would have a newly restocked team that have the potnetial of being like 2003/2004 teams, what would have have said...AFTER the Baltimore loss...AFTER the draft? I remember the same people ranting about how McCourty was a horrible waste of a pick. Its hard to think of the positives after a game like this, but think rationally for a second. McCourty looks like a draft steal. Mayo/Guyton/Spikes (Whose rust was seen during today) developed nicley as did other players like Arrington and Tate (Not Butler, Ive given up on Butler, Im sorry). Consider that both Bodden and Ty Warren are coming back, and its a defense that had its growing pains, but ultimatley became a year wiser and better. On offense, the linemen provide a void, but the wide recivers are a-go (OMG WE TRADED RANDY MOSS) and we still have Brady, and two capable running backs (May need a featureback though)

In the end the Patriots gained much this, despite this awful loss to the Jets.
tldr: Dont be a pink hat and give up on this team.