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    Re: Secondary

    In response to 49Patriots' comment:

    In response to bredbru's comment:

    In response to 49Patriots' comment:

    In response to bredbru's comment:

    In response to Mooney12's comment:

    If Ras I Dowling comes back healthy and maximizes his potential and Dennard keeps improving plus Talib stays. Our secondary could become a slight strength maybe. Who plays the slot with all three of these guys on D. Devin Mccourty is a great safety and Tavon can improve and cover tight ends and blitz occasionaly, we will have a great D. Only thing we need is Myron Pryor healthy and another pass rusher we will be set.

    hey mooney, all

    id say we need a wilfork like dt in the draft (ie jenkins), a jones like or better de in the draft (ie ansah), an c/g who can win in the pass and run blocking consistently (ie barrett jones , frederick or other)

    a very good fa safety, fa receiver who can get separation on the outside, and maybe a fa vollmer replacement (his back-maybe jake long).

    yes if dowling could stay helathy that would be nice to see, after 2 years and 2 irs, teh last for a "thigh", will bb give him one more chance. it might be worth looking for a replacement. we'll see.

    and id have re-upped talib after his first game before he thinks he can play well adn make big money anywhere (when we got him, he was glad he was still in the league)

    I would hate for the Patriots to draft a DE next year, we just drafted Bequette and I want him to play along side Chandler. I do agree though, we need someone to help out Vince as he gets older. 

    Not sure we need another safety, especially since we have two rookies, and Chung at the position. Would like to see either Wilson or Ebner develop and take the job, would be nice to have Chung another year to keep their seats warm. 

    We also don't need another OT, if Vollmer walks, which I hope he doesn't, we have Cannon in the waiting. Cannon's play has gotten a lot better this year. 

    I don't think we need another deep threat, I know everyone wanted Randy Moss when we got Lloyd, but Lloyd is every bit the deep threat we wanted. He commands the opposing team's best CB and sometimes he even demands safety help. He's no scrub. 

    My wishlist is simple: a DT  and  resign Talib and we'll be set. 

    49, chungs contract is up. we aretn going to get him for a year or cheap. we have $ decisiosn to make. i dont think chung willbe worth the $.

    id love to see ebner devcelop into a good safety. he years behind in football experience. to hope it happens by next year. im building a super bowl winning team. i dont know trhat wilson is good enough right now. so id i could id get a very good safety.

    bequette cannot even play well enough to rush on 3rd down (unless everyone is hurt). i would not count on him to be a 3 down pass rusher who can also stop the pass.

    its not jsut a deep threat its and outside wr that can get separation. lloyd can catch, but cannnot get separation, therefore he is no threat,. an outside wr who can will make it easier to run effectively and tgo hit gronk, hern and welker.

    lastly oour o line is not stout enough to run adn pass block consistently agaisint better lines. so thats why i have the playre there.

    First of all, you need to lay off Chung, you keep saying he's not good in coverage, but he's better than average. He's better than Gregory, too.

    agreeed but he cant cover. he is often injured and his next contract will be much more than his past one.

    Chung's weakness comes from man coverage, he's a stout run defender and a very intelligent Safety. If Chung comes back at his current contract level, BB would lock him up instantly. 

    he wont hes got years

    Give up on Ebner, if he ever becomes a starter in the NFL it won't be in a year.

    those are my thoughts as well. did you think i was saying otherwise?

    Wilson is different, he only needs to learn how to read offenses better and he could be a workable safety. He already has a nose for the ball and has great playmaker ability, but he's not very disciplined. An offseason of film study with Rodney or Devin McCourty and Wilson will be ready to go. 

    we will see, there is potential there. i would nto count on him being a good starting safety next year

    On Bequette, I lost hope in him, instantly after watching, on a week to week basis, Ninkovich stink up the joint. If you can't beat out Ninkovich, I don't know what to tell you. I don't see a bright future for you. That's like Jonathan Wilhite keeping you off the field as a CB (See Darius Butler), but people believe in him. I'd try to get Dwight Freeny, but he's going to cost an arm and a leg. 

    in agreement  on bequette and teh de need whether in fa or daraft. id prefer the draft where we can get a young stud good for 10+ years

    The outside WR is a pipe dream, you guys think if Brady wanted a deep threat BB would be against it? Clearly Brady like small, posessions and great route runners. His weakness is THROWING THE DEEP BALL (BABE!!!). He doens't like going deep, plus, I don't think Welker will be here next year unless he's taking a team friendly deal. 

    it is not about throwing a 50+ yard pass, its about a wr who can get separation outside the #s that the def has to cover. by the way, moss caught a ton of long balls (not that that is part of this conversation).

    i think ww may have changed bbs mind being the only reliable/healthy guy this year. so i say years or tag may happen.

    Our OL is fine, our problem has been injuries. Logan and Seabastian both came into the season injured. This is Nate's first season as a starter so he'll get better as time goes on and Connolly is playing a new position. The only OL position I can think of drafting or signing for is the Center position. 

    well  that is different than saying our o line is ok. c/g is exactly what i said. howver vollmer decision has to be made, if we move on because his back that will be a fa need.

    Either way, I don't see nearly as many holes in the team as you do. I see a SB winning team with a couple of missing pieces that would make them virtually unstoppable, but not nearly as many needs as you. 

    well im desinging a team with the "greatest chance possible", no wekanesses, to win the sb

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    Re: Secondary

    Dowling is probably done. They took a chance on him but he's continued on with his injury prone ways. Some guys are like that, always getting injured and unable to make it through a season. Dowling can't even make it through half of a season. Dennard and Talib are a decent tandem, maybe the best they've had in several years, Arrington looks good in the slot. Those changes makes this a much better secondary than even just a few games ago.

    Chung may be done, unless he takes a team friendly deal. He gets injured a lot and hasn't played as well the past two seasons. Wilson looks like he could be decent, he has a good sense of where the ball is and makes the pick.Whatever they do it looks like the secondary is better now and not the liability that it's been the past few years.

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    Re: Secondary

    In response to zbellino's comment:

    Huh? You don't even know what you are getting with Dowling even if the guy can figure out how to get out of bed without breaking an ankle. 

    Also, how did McCourty become a "great" safety??? He is much better there than at corner, but that is a pretty low threshhold considering how badly he got gashed at corner the last two seasons. Love the move, but he needs seasons before you can say great. 

    There is not a single "great" thing about the DB corps in NE and next draft, yes, I would be grabbing more, and trolling the FA line too. 

    agreed except for dbs in draft part.