Secondary...could it be coaching?

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    Re: Secondary...could it be coaching?

    It is coaching.


    The best way to improve DB performance is to have a pass rush.

    BB refuses to blitz.  No passs rush at all, because the coach plays soft zone and refuses to blitz.

    One of teh greatest coaches in NFL history - but it is all over for BB.  Like Chuck Noll all over again.  Chuck hung on for 12 (TWELVE!!) years after they won their last super bowl.

    In 2013 - the team will need a new coach.  This is the swan song for BB - hope he does well. 





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    Re: Secondary...could it be coaching?

    I feel like the problem goes further than the coaching. They definitely have a problem in the evaluation of DBs & drafting the right ones. With that being said, there is no way that in 5-6 years we couldn't hit on at least 1 or 2 solid DBs. That I feel can be blamed on coaching.

    Let's face the facts, what they are currently doing is no getting it done. So in order to succeed, changes are a must. I always say start at the root of the problem. Start by holding our scouts & draft people accountable. If they can't get the job done, then find someone who can. Hell, even a blind squirrel finds an occasional nut!!

    Then, you absolutely have to put some blame on the coaching as well. Neither of the DB backs coaches have any NFL experience. How can they possibly coach these young kids up when they have never been there? I hate Felger like nobody's business, but he's spot on about these DB coaches being a complete joke. Get people who have real time NFL experience. I'd bet the farm our secondary would be better with better coaching.

    One last piece of the blame pie needs to go to the defensive play calling. They don't blitz enough...period. They continue to prove that if given time, any average QB will carve you up. This has been (somewhat) addressed with Jones...but you need more than one guy putting pressure on the QB. They need to take a lesson from the Giants on this one.

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    Re: Secondary...could it be coaching?

    Something has to be missing given the problems continue week in and week out.  Light bulb not coming on in the player?