Is it just me or did the refs give the pats a really bad spot on that 3rd and 1 on the 4th quarter, Even the Ravens fans sitting nearby thought we got really hosed on the spot of that ball.  It was clearly a first down but instead we punt and the game is alot closer than it needed to be, I understand alot could have happened even if they got the call right but it definately didn't help the pats cause.

Then I get home and read this article

and the ravens were ripping the refs for some calls, I'm sorry but you hit the qb in the head and take a cheap shot on his knees and you want to complain that the refs shouldn't make those calls.  I saw alot of ravens hitting pats players late.

I think the ravens are a good team, not great, but they are a bunch of thugs and crybabies and thier coach is just a crybaby, he must have been watching replays of cowhers sideline rants recently.

By the way, where are the trolls that have been on this board all week??  lol